Hungry? Dutch Treats Presents Snack Pack Vol 1

      Hookz Murdock and Enonomous... Two artists that I have had the esteemed pleasure of not only reviewing their work via my website and here on Voiceless Music but also in person on my radio show. Separately they both possessed a certain level of originality and delivery that is missing within the mainstream market so I was more than intrigued and anxious to see what they could cook up as a collective so let's see what they brought to the table, Shall we?

      "Ya Tu Sabe" which translates into "And You Know" in English kicks off the Snack Pack in a smooth yet deliberate way. It's one of those tracks that is essential when driving through your city as you live your best life without a care in the world. Sometimes the vibe and message aren't always so clear cut but in this case, They literally tell you how to appreciate this song in its fullest capacity by the hook when Hookz (pun intended) says "185 on the highway thinking crime pays switching lanes, you better know". Now don't take things literally as to actually drive 185mph on the highway and then tell the cops that Hookz and Enonomous made you do it but what they are trying to say is bump this in your ride as you cruise through the city living life. I like how the hook perfectly sets Hookz up for his unique and probably overlooked punchline "City watching as I'm ditty bopping/ Stainless steel with the Batmobile through the streets of Gotham". For those who are just now being introduced to Hookz he is very much into comic book and pop culture so sometimes the punchlines and references won't land as hard unless you know exactly what he's talking but luckily I'm here to fill you in. Enonomous complements the track with a smooth and slightly braggadocious style which amplifies the feeling of being free on the road and in the night.

     Featuring Shadp "Rematch" continues with the easy-going vibe. A song that talks about dipping back into your past with someone that you just can't let go of. Bars were still a factor like when Hookz says "Booty Calls pick em up I'll be Jamie you be Vivica" which of course is a reference to the comedic classic "Booty Call" starring Jamie Foxx and Vivica A. Fox not to mention towards the end when he references the movie "Misery" starring Kathy Bates and James Caan. What's more important than those bars believe it or not is the actual aura and vibe it presents. For fans of "real" Hip-Hop you are taken care of with the bars and delivery but at the same time, You also have this laid back and romantic tone brought to you by Enonomous so you can vibe out with someone that you're interested in and it will all work to perfection.

"Cherry Sprinkles" features Leigh and it has a little more hard-hitting feel to it with Enonomous kicking the track off. I like it when he said "Kriss Kross you got it backwards you ain't fuckin with me" which is a throwback to the Hip-Hop duo Kris Kross and how they used to wear their attire backward. As I said before these two do very well with pop culture references and things of the past in their music so smoothly that if you aren't from that era or pay attention it will go over your head.

    The only negative thing I have to say about this project is how short it is which in a way is a good thing because it shows that their cohesive styling and song selections were enough to make people or me at least demand more. So with that said we get into the last track on the project "Motorola" featuring Jerry Milo. As far as song placement goes I give them credit because this track perfectly closes out the project with the energy that exudes from Hookz with the chant/hook. Jerry Milo might be new to some but if you have been a follower of the whole 2G movement then you've heard of him before and also know how well he works with these two artists. This song is more attitude and bar driven than its predecessors so pay close attention and put your thinking caps on for this one. Since this project is already compared to food I honestly feel like it more so relates to an appetizer than a snack. When I think of a snack I think of something short and sweet that potentially ruins your appetite. Appetizers on the other hand although are usually light in portion they tease you and give you just enough to where you are now anticipating and awaiting the main course so basically what I am getting at is that this project has teased me enough to where I am now hoping and awaiting a full length LP from this dynamic duo. Let us know what you think of the album and if you haven't done so already listen to their previous bodies of work "Big Figidy" by Enonomous and "The Adventures Of" and "Gauntlet" by Hookz murdock.


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