Voiceless Press: Legendary Producer/MC Termanology Opens Time Is Money Studio

Pay it forward. 

For some, it's more than just sharing knowledge or blessing the game with your gifts so that your legacy continues; it's providing the tools of the trade to those who seek prosperity.

For the independent legend Termanology, it's about opening his lane for others to win. And with that, we can share his announcement that Term has opened Time Is Money studios in Brooklyn, New York!

"(I am) proud to announce I officially opened up my own studio... let's get to work and make some fire!" states The Politics As Usual MC. If you are interested in working with a certified music legend, contact him at NefBeats@gmail.com and make sure to tell him Voiceless Music sent you!

Termanology's From El Barrio, With Love is out now via Bandcamp.


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