Sour Deez - Better Days (featuring Latitia Rae, Ack Right, & Drae Steves)

Black Lives Matter. 

That's the post. 

To re-confirm that sentiment, Portland native Sour Deez takes his platform to puts racism and police brutality of Black people on front street with today's powerful new single. 

"My people dying behind police sirens, if you speak up they try to have you silence... say you wasn't compliant"

Enlisting fellow artists Ack Right, Drae Steves, and Latitia Rae, the story is the same... we are hurting. We are dying in front of the public and there is no justice. We are as American as those opposite of our color... and our lives matter.

We can only hope we will see "Better Days". Check out the single below.


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