BREAKING: Voiceless Music Recognizes Blackout The Rebel as Co-Owner; New Content Coming Soon

Voiceless Music. 

A legacy stretched over 10+ years as the flagship company in promoting events, music, the arts, and the overcall culture of Hip-Hop. But admittedly, we have fell off and for us.... that's out of character. So today, we are doing something about it and changing our landscape for the foreseeable future. 

As of today, recording artist, writer, former radio host and advisor Blackout The Rebel is now the co-owner of our company. With that he will be working directly with DJ Mainstream on re-growing our image and rebranding us to the once great heights we achieve many years ago. 

"We're going to bring in new blood, while visiting what worked for Voiceless previously and put the company back on the map", says Blackout, who has already promise new content not just for the website but the overall company.

"I am glad to have a partner like Blackout. We had some dynamic chemistry when we were host and DJ on WVMR's Darkside Radio and became even stronger once the station closed. Blackout sees my vision and I see how he wants to not change it, but add to it", says Mainstream, who has also promised another announcement for the new regime next week. 

From all of us here at Voiceless Music, we'd like to congratulate our new boss and look forward to all there is to come for the Home of (All Things) Unsigned and Independent!


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