BREAKING: Voiceless Music Enlists Slowtime Entertainment As Brand Consultants

While October 29th will forever be known as one of the biggest day in Voiceless Music history, as it was the first time ever two people are listed as owners over our company as we added Blackout The Rebel as co-owner of the brand. 

November 2nd will also go down in history, as today we can announce we have enlisted the assistance of legal consultant company Slowtime Entertainment now represents us going forward. 

With this deal and the announcement of Blackout The Rebel, Voiceless Music plans to re-solidify our place as still the premier brand based out of New York City while Slowtime Entertainment will direct the company into the future with brand management, consultant and opening the door to working with new clients. 

"With Voiceless Music and Slowtime Entertainment working together, VM will be heard loud and clear and Slowtime will be ushered into the fast lane", states the newly minted co-owner. 

"I envisioned the ability to assist artists on a bigger platform with Voiceless Music. This deal makes us the bigger platform but also improves on everything that has held our company back for years and sets us up for the future", says DJ Mainstream.

We thank you for sticking with our company and appreciate everyone who has supported us back then, right now, and in the future. We are forever Voiceless Music...

And we are For The Independent.


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