DJ Jynn - Paramore / What You Get (Jynntastic Rockmore Flip)

 Experimenting with sounds has become second nature to artists and DJs alike during this pandemic. Either you become obsessed with one sound, or you are like today's feature and literally throwing everything in the computer and mixer and come out with greatness.

But then again, that's DJ Jynn in a nutshell. And with this feature, Jynn taps into the high school era for many 80s babies who experimented into the emo stage of their lives. Or for those who, like me, fell in love with this song from Rock Band video game series.

Either way, Paramore themselves would be highly impressed with what the Bronx native has delivered to us today. With some of the most diverse flips of sound, we can honestly say we've missed a DJ Jynn mix...

Join us in rejoice with his remix of Paramore's "What You Get", aptly titled 'Jynntastic Rockmore Flip' below.


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