Ki-On - The Shooting Range (Showtime Battle Arena Round)

As interesting 2020 has been keeping us entertained, 2021 hopes to still set the same bar throughout the entire year. For the rap battle leagues who have been making it known no pandemic is going to stop them, New York-based Showtime Battle Arena continues to be the leader of the bold movement.

For today's feature, we re-introduce you to the Ki-On, one of 2019's most buzzworthy MCs to be featured on Voiceless Music. 

"Baby strap to his back like a African mom"

Originally focused on a bubbling solo artist career, the artist returns to the forefront now as a battle MC as we feature a verse known as "The Shooting Range" from his battle during Showtime Versus Everybody event.

Check out the full 4+ minutes of greatness below.


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