#VMSupports: LCS



Whatever you call them, the crafts men and women who are producers that have made the sounds of your favorite artists songs are truly the underrated pillars of this business.

For us, it's focusing on one of the up and coming greats. The unknown, the impressive Brazilian, LCS, our focus on today's #VMSupports.

A true beatsmith of the MPC game, and the mastermind behind Voiceless Music great Sueheidy's singles, "Feel Alive" and "No Brainer", the international producing man of mystery is well known for his clever use of piano rhythms and soft 808s. Delivering on a surefire mainstream (pun intended) sound, LCS continues to be a student of the game and master of the trade.

But enough about the man's soundboard, take a listen to his two most recent sounds above and make sure to follow him on the below platforms.. and tell him Voiceless Music sent you!

#VMSupports: LCS


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