Pete & Bas & Fumez The Engineer - Plugged In (Official Music Video)

 You never really know how powerful social media is until it begins to inflict change, spread awareness on a grand scale and/or creates some type of reaction either in a positive manner. For today's feature it has done all three, more specifically in a positive way, when it comes to breaking barriers and stereotypes.

Pete & Bas, who we're nicknaming the geriatric gangsters', have been on a musical tear for a few years. But once the video for their single "The Old Estate" began to trend so did their reach.

Fast forward, and much fanfare, the duo is bringing us a full length project... cleverly named Quick Little Mixtape coming this week. But before that drops, the geezers link with fellow UK based Fumez The Engineer to give us nasty work on a very tuned version of "Ready Or Not" and they deliver on every punch. 

Check out their "Plugged In" freestyle visual below. 


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