Sade Black - Up (Like Insomniac) Freestyle

 Here at Voiceless Music, we obsess over the idea that the female artists in the game on the unsigned and the independent scene are the best in the business. Point, blank... period. 

But while we can die on this hill, North Carolina native Sade Black rather keep your eyes on her as she debuts on our blog with this new freestyle. And of course, we may be late to the party but Sade is still growing her base as the 4th year up and comer has made it clear it's here time now.

Simplistic in nature, but on time like UPS with the delivery, we present to you "Up (Like An Insomniac)" in visual form straight from her official Twitter account. Check it out below.

(And for you 'run it back' folks, the Soundcloud link)


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