Sueheidy - Moonwalking En La Casa (Moonwalking In Calabasas Freestyle)


If you had internet personality DDG going gold on your 2021 bingo card, then congrats you are ahead of all of us. But when "Moonwalking In Calabasas" dropped, no one expected the fun, Summer-like bop to become a hit the way it did.

And then a savant enters the chat.

Proudly celebrating her independence, the hybrid singer/MC Sueheidy is looking to shake the room in 2021 with her upcoming EP dropping later this year. But while she prepares for the untitled project, the "How Often" MC decides to put her own spin on the Hot 100 chart-topping single... straight from her home.

Combining her witty metaphors with her casual nature of bodying any beat she's on, Sue celebrates the 'orange man who dipped like salsa' with her Drake-esque vibe of "Moonwalking En La Casa" below.


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