NajisDope & Hollywood YSA - The Dimes of Dope (EP Review)

In rare occurrences, you can find music can allow two dynamic artists to work together in harmony. While it doesn't always work, there are times where both figures not only bring out the best out of one another, but also present the world with something special. Today's feature, the high powered pair of NajisDope & Hollywood YSA bring us a 5-track opus that slaps in more ways then one.

For this writer, if you we're looking for Talib Kweli & Most Def for this generation of music, you've found it.

And the opener: "Lostboyz" gave me nothing but that vibe: Black Star with the rolling papers telling you a engaging story you just gotta follow along. And of course, you gotta give the trumpet some which definitely sets a dynamic tone to the project. Call it setting a vibe or setting a tone, Naj and Hollywood knew exactly what they we're doing using this as the kick off track.

You mix in the lead single, "Litnic" featuring Cash Sinatra which should be on your favorite radio stations rotation, the Black Hippy-esque bop "Halftime" and the hood anthem of "Women, Weed & Hennessy" and your truly satisfied with this EP.

But not me. It's the repeatability of the break out track (that I need a visual for) in "Pick & Roll" that highlights YSA's braggadocios cadence and Naj's distinct syllable juggling on this up-tempo jazzy track that just... nah this is that heat.

Regardless of me being a fan of Hollywood YSA for all these years, or always watch NajisDope's rise in the game, this EP put a smile on my face and has me well prepared for what these two talented men do next solo and together. 

That's what happens when greatness becomes normal in the progress of excellence.

- Mainstream


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