A.W.O.L. Productions - Over the Top (Freestyle) (Remix) (feat. Kice & Varn Curtis)

Producers and engineers are the backbone of a song. Doesn't matter who the bars sound, how the stanzas are put together, or even if the feature comes through and completes he song, it's the producers who provide the canvas and the engineers who arrange the final product into a masterpiece. 

One group who have embodied that sentiment is A.W.O.L. Productions, who have for years, made sure all artists who have worked with them sound above and beyond industry standard. One of their mainstays, 2021's true breakout star Varn Curtis, and fellow rising star Kice, can attest to that as A.W.O.L. have been their go to for quite sometime.

But as A.W.O.L begins their own journey to stardom, they enlist the aforementioned duo for a cleverly worded, head nodding freestyle that is set up for that replay affect so you can catch all the bars and entendres.

This is the remix, as A.W.O.L Productons, Kice and Varn Curtis presents "Over The Top" freestyle. 

Check it out below.


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