Make The Caul Podcast: Episode 28 - Make It About WHO? w/ Juanito Jones

Another Friday, another episode of Voiceless Music's sponsored podcast, DJ Mainstream's Make The Caul and this week brought on one of Voiceless Music's longest tenured featured artists.

Forever compared to the J. Cole before him, Juanito Jones has always strived to be different from everyone else and stand out from the pack. So between producing for other artists and preparing for his upcoming album Grown AF, Juanito jumps on the podcast discussing his growth as a person while learning (and giving) free game about the music business in this enlightening episode of Make The Caul!

Check out today's episode, Make It About WHO?Episode 28 below and make sure to listen on the iHeart Radio player (on the right side of our main page), Apple Podcasts, Spotify and of course, on Soundcloud!


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