Swerve City - Big Sis Birthday! (Official Music Video)

They say time is so valuable, that we should do our best not to waste it. Value comes in high demand when you look at any business. But in the bubbling world of pro wrestling, it's the free agency craze right now with some of the recently released superstars exploring every moment of their talent. 

One superstar who continues to not be phased by uncertainty on the ring... mainly because he's too busy boding the mic, is the main event talent Sw3rve The Realest. Along with Monteasy, the Swerve City crew is gearing up for the release of Tears dropping later this year.

But before the release of the latest project since G.P.S. 2 years ago, today's feature is nothing but lyrical exercise and wordplay gymnastics as the streets become the studio for this visual.

The haters continue to be big mad with the drop of "Big Sis Birthday!" below.


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