McCool 3000 - The Takeover Vol. 1

 The 90s and 2000s we're, in a popular sense, some of the most exciting times in music. From the hardcore rap heads to the lovers within the realm of R&B, influential is only one of the many adjectives that can be used to describe these two era's of sound.

Returning triumphantly to the blog, McCool 3000 has decided to give y 'all once again an hour's worth of the hits during the 2000-2004 range that is sure to bring you back. From Missy to Mya to Mystikal, the Brooklyn native is slowly and surely preparing you for the throwback house parties and pajama jams coming this summer with today's ill feature.

With DJing being like his 3rd top talent, McCool brings you the first of many mixes in his The Takeover series! 

Cue up your iPod touch and check out Vol. 1 below.