Kay Anthony - Color Therapy (Album Review)

 The pandemic era in our lives can be described in many different ways. It could be seen as a time to be more focused on your surroundings. Or a time to learn and more, or even heal more. For others, like Kay Anthony, it was the perfect time to deliver his hard work and pain in Color Therapy.

What starts off as an interlude intro, turns into a nice touch throughout the album. This is therapy and as someone who once took therapy, I related to the personal effect here.

"Act Like That", the project's lead single leads perfectly from this touch as the listener hears the doctor ask about love. The visual, which is playful and vibrant similar to videos you saw when you got home to watch 106 & Park, adds a wonderful touch to the project overall.

"Bless Me" stands as your mainstream radio single. Head nodder in nature, it provides a Raekwon-like touch that just adds to the fact that there is much talent on the independent scene and Kay Anthony is an example of that. Dot Demo adds the perfect hype to an already fun stand-out.

While you will enjoy the contrast between "Hate Myself" and "Love Yourself", the sudden "WTF" is exactly what the title describes. Showing versatility with his lyricism and cadence, Kay could match up to your favs... you reading this Fivio?

I've stated here many times, that we are entrenched in this unique era that once again influences the younger generation with more party and less thought. However, with Kay he puts the listener on front street... this is what I'm going through and I'm sure you are too. Touche.

- Mainstream.

Kay Anthony - Color Therapy

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