Make The Caul Podcast: Episode 30 - Make The Change


It's been almost 6 months since we've last heard from DJ Mainstream but determined to continue to bring you his insight into the world the player/coach has come back to the podcast.

With Episode 30, Make The Caul sees a brand new change going forward... including the soon-to-be new home for the podcast being announced: WVMR Network!

So with a new attitude, a new process, and a new intro courtesy of Sueheidy, today's episode seems to be the beginning of a major turn for the podcast going forward. How so? You'll just have to listen for yourself as today we bring you the latest episode of Make The Caul!

Check out today's episode, Make The ChangeEpisode 30 below, and make sure to listen on the iHeart Radio player (on the right side of our main page), Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and of course, on Soundcloud!


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