Make The Caul Podcast: Episode 31 - Make The Caul But He Is Not Your Savior

They say do not create out of negativity or anger, yet podcasting and music recording may be the only two realms of entertainment where it's beneficial. With Episode 31, Make The Caul goes towards its first non-music industry topic in its history.

Focusing on the betterment of men and their treatment of the opposite sex, DJ Mainstream turns his podcast into open mic night calling for better relationships.

Disclaimer: He may be the one speaking on it... but he is not your savior.

Check out today's episode, Make The Caul But He Is Not Your SaviorEpisode 31 below, and make sure to listen on the iHeart Radio player (on the right side of our main page), Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and of course, on Soundcloud!


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