Phenom - Mr. Phenomenal (Album Review)

Experience tells us that what we've learned, either positive or negative, can be used in the future to help develop us as better people. It is the experience that puts us ahead of others. For former Voiceless Music Awards winner Phenom, it is life experience in overcoming that brought him back to music with Mr. Phenomenal.

Throughout the project, it is evident Phenom still has a hunger for more. Songs such as "Bloodline" and "Perfection" is what made the artist a top Artist of the Year contender for years. 

But the completion of the comeback trail may be a little further out for Phenom. While I enjoyed records such as 
"At The Altar", which was the record that displayed Oz's diversity while overshadowing his labelmates' lyricism. 

While I applaud Phenom's energy, especially after his medical recovery and mental fortitude to dedicate this project to his wela, this 10-track effort was enough to show us he still has more to go.

"Faith", the powerful last official track on the album, should be the single and be accompanied by an even more compelling visual soon.

Overall, Phenom has made his claim to be on the comeback effort. A seasoned veteran at this point of his career, you can only look forward to what can be a better follow-up in the near future.

Phenom - Mr. Phenomenal

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