Live Johnson - Live Jewels (Album Review)

Somehow people forget the streets tend to make the man, and the man becomes the prophet to the people. In a sense, this became the premise of classic stories told through Hip-Hop. As a veteran in the game, Live Johnson took it upon himself to be the prophet in a for certain classic, Live Jewels.

First and foremost, to understand an artist is to understand through music what has gotten them to where they are. Live Jewels is the former Voiceless Music Awards People's Choice winner's autobiography.

You can hear the pain in the storytelling between "The Only Way" and "Classic Vibes". Simplistic with the beat pattern, both give Live the ability to speak to the people on a Raekwon level. While that formula may not work for many, you respect Live's tone as an OG to speak the game to you.

But this is Queens, so of course, you're going to get your bar-heavy swagger with "Worth of Game", to understand how the block work with "The Gems", but there's just enough radio love with the single "Luv It" to balance out the project. I mean you gotta do somethin' they can step to.

Many of us complain about how the Rap game has drastically changed over the years. Many of them do not search for what they miss. Here's some free game... Live Jewels is the soundtrack you are missing.

Better take it from me, cause Live doesn't do free.

- Mainstream

Live Johnson - Live Jewels

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