Covington Georgia's R&B Sensation MacFour Debut 'Mystery' Album


Covington, Georgia’s R&B sensation MacFour debut ‘Mystery’ album, is available on all streaming platforms. The young, yet superbly talented group currently ranks #1 on ReverbNation’s R&B charts while turning heads and stopping hearts across the globe. The 11-track album, although comes with one guest feature Dii Fuston, serves as a solo one for the group and audiences. Not only do they show off their heartfelt vocals and soulful harmonies, but they display a multifaceted knack for bringing authentic R&B back to the forefront with their innovative signature flavor. Add looks, dance moves, and it factor, and MacFour is on the way to being coined the next household name.

“Intro” sets the album off and simply describes the actions of mysterious people and the end result of dealing with those who are mysterious, along with the enticement of it all. “Want It All” is a testament to putting faith in love. A testament to envisioning all they see and a proclamation to know that no one can do it better. Once that love looks into their eyes they’ll realize they won’t want anything or anyone else. “Alone With You” shares a yearning to spend one on one time together. A yearning to rush to school to see her pretty face, and a yearning to embrace her smile scorched by the sun.

“Mystery Interlude” is a riddle the group attempt to decipher. What is a woman who is hard to find and hard to read? They appear to be mind-boggled and claim the answer must be, that she’s a baddie. But is she a baddie or simply a mystery?

In “Fall In Love Again” the fellas once again are hypnotized by a lady’s look, style, and whole vibe; hypnosis that lures them back in love. But love at times can resemble the game of roulette with loyalty and faithfulness. Although back in love again, MacFour is not willing to get hurt again.

“Loungin’ (Who Do Ya Love) is the infectious, upbeat song of the album with the ideal mix of rhymes and smooth harmonies. What does MacFour have to do to be the one and only this mysterious lady loves? They go in throughout the track expressing just how they are different from the rest. “Brainstorming” reflects on how to get her back. A task not so simple when she’s with another man but still wearing pieces that belong to him. The song reminisces on hand-holding memories and a rejoiner to start over, or to at least plant that seed.

“My Mysterious Love” is the manifestation of two hearts joining as one. In awe and mesmerized by this mystifying woman, it’s now that she must be taken off the market and lifted up on her pedestal that MacFour will adorn, cherish, and love.

The “Outro” re-captures the theme of the album.  KJ, KOOL, DANCER, and DUCK want to know this mysterious creature from head to toe, discover who she is, and continue to profess their undying love. But is she their fixated mystery, or is she a fantasy?

MacFour ignites hearts and souls with the album’s finale “Loungin’ (Who Do Ya Love)” in Acappella fashion. If your heart wasn’t already racing and if your senses weren’t already pulsating throughout the entire album, prepare for that whirlwind during the acapella.

One thing can be said about KJ, KOOL, DANCER, and DUCK of MacFour and their debut album ‘Mystery,’ they’ve embodied the emotions entailed with love and falling in love. They’ve done so in a way that everyone with a heart regardless of age or walk of life can relate to. The group reminds us how addicting the bliss of love can be and the necessity of it. Stream ‘Mystery’ for a naturally nostalgic dose of R&B and connect with MacFour below. 

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  1. I love u guys!! Love from Tracy fuston!!!!


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