DJ Jynn - Bass Sessions: The Return to Bass (Full Sets)

Spaces for people to be unique and creative are few and far between. With COVID and venues making it difficult for us to party or even meet together, the need to be able to express yourself has become essential.

One person, the incomparable DJ Jynn, has always found a way to provide that 'safe haven' for DJs with The Bass Sessions. Exploring the diverse sounds with music while breaking the mold of what a DJ set should be, Bass Sessions has set the trend.

So when rumors begin that the Bronx native was bringing back the the Sessions, he didn't hold back with his lineup. Featuring a diverse set of talented music mixologists including DJ Jynn himself, October 22nd marked the return. Today, we not only give you the full event in all it's audio glory..

DJ Jynn · Bass Sessions: The Return to Bass

But we can also announce that we're taking this event and adding it to WVMR's rotation as a #WVMRepresent playlist! 

Hear it on DJ Jynn's former radio show day, Thursdays, at 4pm only WVMR Network!


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