The Purple Heart Club - Karma

 Genre bending has become a thing of the future for many of the artists in the music industry. Gone are the days of being centralized in the idea of an R&B artist can just do R&B or a rapper can just do rap. Creatives are getting clever with their art.

One group who has consistently done this is The Purple Heart Club. The Rap / Hip-Hop rocking production duo who stunned crowds during the early days of our website, I-Vee and Tek collectively brought a different dynamic to the industry with their trippy-infused sound and clever melodies.

But preparing for a 4Q release of the visual, the only club that matters treks out with this new single. Still bringing that signature PHC sound, the "Vitamin" pair adds some melodic pop and airy rock vocals to this latest release.

Check out "Karma" below. 


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