J Scratch - Bagels From Scratch

Producers and the instrumentals they create. It's the driving force being every single genre in music. While there is no good song with the artist, the pallet is developed behind a talented man or woman behind the levels on Pro Tools, Reason, Fruity Loops, etc. For Long Island native J Scratch, it's bringing his latest archives and putting them into today's feature: Bagels From Scratch.

If you are a native New Yorker, you understand the severity of having a good bagel and coffee in the morning is essential to every day life. So with Bagels From Scratch, its more than just picking up one, it's having variety...

It's the soulfulness of "Everything Bagel"; the spicy Jay-Z type of the "Asiago Bagel"; the vibey "Blueberry Bagel"; even with the Isaac Hayes-like groove on "Salt Bagel", there's a little something for everyone on this beat tape.

Do you think you can body one of Scratch's beats? Then hit him, no seriously hit him up, but if you cannot add the right cream cheese, or the right amount of butter, even the correct amount of lox, then don't waste your time placing an order.

This'a top tier bakery.

- Mainstream

J Scratch - Bagels From Scratch

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