Vivian Green - Spread The Love (Visualizer)


Christmastime is here!

And with the pending snow fall and good cheer to go around, artists around the world are sharing in the spirit with music to fit the sounds of the holidays.

So with the BET Networks movie Holiday Hideaway out now, R&B legend Vivian Green releases the single from her 5 track holiday EP Spread The Love, inspired by the feature film.

With the song of the same name, and inspired by the film, Green connects the joy of this holiday season while focusing on the central concept of loving one another no matter how they celebrate this year.

"While I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas, I’ve always loved the euphoric melodies and freedoms in the song structure of holiday music... When writing “Spread the Love” I was intentional about including the three cultural holidays of the season because it hasn’t been done enough. 

Check out the visualizer to the powerful single "Spread The Love" below.

You can also hear "Spread The Love" also in WVMR Network rotation starting this Thursday for WVMR Essentials: Christmastime starting at 12pm EST!


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