Voiceless Music & Groundwork Global Presents #Groundwork20 - November 2022 Playlist

 After formally resurrecting the brand earlier this year, we here at Voiceless Music continue to strive for better for all forms of art especially when it comes to the music.

Today, we continue to expand on a classic and put a new spin on it. For the month of November, Varn Curtis presents another #Groundwork20 playlist!

Updated, Varn and his Groundwork brand continues to choose the top 20 songs for the month from artists featured on VoicelessMusic.com and across our social media networks and promote them here!

Check out this months selections highlighted by Punky The Singer, Mikki Maat, Meko Sky, and Connie Diiamond!

 And as of October, make sure to tune into the #Groundwork20 playlist at 3pm EST streaming slot on WVMR Network!

To be featured, please email admin@voicelessmusic.com today!


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