#VoicelessNews: WVMR Network Launch Party with Toys For Tots Is 9 Days Away!

 On December 8th, 2022, The WVMR Network presents it's first event in years with the Gold Standard Networking Launch Party

But this isn't just any event, it's a celebration of WVMR's triumphant return to prominence with loyal connections, new hosts, new music and a new swagger not seen in WVMR's first iteration.

The venue, Gold Room, is the perfect venue for the presentation. 

The Black-owned establishment has been called home for many of Voiceless Music/WVMR's heavyweights such as DJ Jayoh and our co-founder DJ Mastermind

With a good eats menu and the assortment of hookah options, Gold Room could become a WVMR/Voiceless Music staple for years to come!

But it will be the performances that will be most talked about as soon to join WVMR, artist/entrepreneur King Lyrical and co-owner of WVMR Network, Sueheidy will be hitting the stage! Rumor has it both artists have something big planned for the launch night that we all will have to wait and see...

And the guest list is truly a who's who in entertainment, music, fashion and radio including: Lulu of OhLuluCherryBox, multi-time Voiceless Music Awards winner Meko Sky, Goodfellaz TV honco Tommy Gunz, creator of WVMR Network logo Live Johnson , members of the critically acclaimed Jobber Tears Podcast, and more.

 While the event itself is FREE, Voiceless Music is asking all attendees to comply with our only requirement: bring 1 toy for our wonderful partners at Toys for Tots, who are celebrating their 75th Anniversary!

It all goes down in 9 days... tickets are available here: www.tinyurl.com/wvmrlaunchparty


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