Lashawn Freeman - 2 Spliffies Freestyle

 They say some things never change, and yet the way we evolve in life boils down to choices... choices we either make for ourselves, for others, or just because. But when it comes to music, those choices heavily rely on what's your NEXT decision, not the initial one. 

Luckily for former Voiceless Music Awards nominee who now goes by his given name, Lashawn Freeman, it's not about the name change.. it's about giving you these bars no matter what name the Soundcloud say! So for today's feature, Lashawn continues to give that work with this Benny The Butcher-like flow on his latest freestyle.

If we've learned anything, it's that one spliff is never enough and these plenty of story to tell for the Brooklyn native as he delivers his "2 Spliffies Freestyle". 

Check it out below.


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