A Minute With Mainstream: Grand Opening, Grand Closing

They say time heals all wounds, but for me, wounds aren't just scars later... they are marks earned from battles I have fought externally and internally. But you realize after a while, some battles leave more than just scars... they leave behind lessons that stay with you forever. 

It is for that reason, I must officially close the doors on Voiceless Music

One of the original logos, currently tattoo'd on me

Its been a helluva run. From logo changes, website overhauls, domain moves, freestyles, history made, award shows, radio shows, radio stations, podcast networks, etc... this has been a run I could never imagine. Because of Voiceless Music, I have made friends that will last a life time, I have gained connections with people I would've never dreamed of connecting with. I've earned the respect of many of my peers and earned rivals with people I always felt I'd can stand toe to toe with.

And I fell in love with my wife...

Because of Voiceless Music, I gained a confidence like no other, and I became the Voice of the Voiceless; I shared stages with the likes of Mickey Factz, Papoose, Remy Ma, Fred Da Godson, Nitty Scott, Lloyd Banks, but also shared stages with my wife, Sueheidy, my brother Siano, my brother DJ Mastermind, Lady Sen, SpecialT, Meko Sky, Blackout the Rebel, Live Johnson, Kwoat, Leon Marin, Juanito Jones, Kony Brooks, Bizzy Bee, Frank Knight, Chyna Streets, Don Warbucks, Star Qualified, Saay Park, RaKoon, Lanii Lyrik, Shenna, Scott Morris, Michael Bostic and so many countless others I may have forgotten or have not named... thank you.

Hi, Angela

While this is goodbye to a 10+ year operation, it's a beginning into a new journey. It's the focus on making other venues great. And as always, it's a chance to once again find ways to help the independent and unsigned artists of the world. Thank you. Because without Voiceless Music, there would be no DJ Mainstream...

Oh, and to be one of the last blogs standing that has NEVER HAS CHARGED ARTIST TO BE FEATURED.

I'm taking that shit with me.



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