Kony Brooks: 855 (Album Review)

Let's be honest about one thing before I do this review: the intake of music in this current era is drastically different than it was when I first started Voiceless Music almost 10+ years ago. The sound, the cadence, the presentation... everything has changed. And yet, Kony Brooks has remained the most top tier MC not signed throughout that entire time. 

So when 855 dropped, I expected somewhat of the same. That assessment was incorrect. Yes, while "The Return" and "Imma Do It" gave you some classic Kony bars like WVMR New York returned, it was the rest of the project that thoroughly impressed me. 

Back when All Hail The King dropped, you already knew you was gonna feel Kony's presence at the top of the independent music food chain. But as J.R. belts his impressive vocals on "Sneaky Link" and the storytelling and wordplay on "When I'm Gone" plays, there's a sense of hunger for more than just the top indie spot.

And then there's the choice of features; as "Started Something" filled my craving for a formidable posse cut... one that made me give that Jay-Z face when I heard X-YLE's verse, or the way Earn Dinero legit glides over the beat on "Convo With My OG" or Teddy Grahams with his effortless addition to "Worry About Yourself"... I wasn't listening to any ol' project for review. THIS was an album. 

Add in sixth sense for wanting to DJ again after hearing "Why Don't We Fall" with that classic Amerie sample and that G-Unit feel I got from "Apartment 4F" and Kony Brooks didn't just give you any 15-track project... 

I can go as far as to say that if Kony was signed by a major label today, 855 is what his debut major label project would be. To the production, the engineering, this was what we should expect from a former Mr. Voiceless Music. Only question left is: how do follow this up?!

855 is on all major platforms (such as Apple Music) for purchase, download and streaming!

- Mainstream


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