Ebony Eyze: Dear Hip-Hop: Homage to Spoken Word (EP Review)


In 2023, we celebrated one of the most important moments in music history: 50 years of Hip-Hop. And while most partook in the festivities throughout New York and the world, one artist in particular took the opportunity to show you better than she can tell you. We present Ebony Eyze and her latest, Dear Hip-Hop: Homage to Spoken Word.

From the opening introduction "Reminiscence - Part 1", you knew what you were getting... Hip-Hop in its purest form: from the heart of the fan. This transitioned into the big record "Fashion Fly" which gave us a wonderful ode to fashion trends over the years including a strong verse from the executive producer of the project Live Johnson.

But when I say that Parts 2 and 3 of "Reminiscence" stuck to the delivery of this project with all three leading to symbolic records afterward, the pacing of this project was an assignment that was understood from top to bottom.

However, I would be remiss to not mention my feature on "Radio Junky" which put me in front of a mic for a released record in 5+ years and I could not be happier or blessed to have been chosen for such a dynamic Hip-Hop record than this.

From the 'Big Beat' resonance of "Dope Flick" to the mainstream sound of "Ballin' With Swag", Ebony presented herself with a task only she could complete: giving the genre that moved the people a dedication worth listening to repeat.

Break crazy to this one.

- DJ Mainstream

Ebony Eyze: Dear Hip-Hop: Homage to Spoken Word 



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