Saturday, July 21, 2018

Wan Blvd- Espy

"Are you really living life? Don't you lie right now.."

Imagine a case of writers block leading to your most successful song thus far in your career.. crazy right? Well that's exactly what happened to rising popstar Wan Blvd with his newest single 'Espy'. 

Following the release on July 2nd, Voiceless Music was happy to announce they were one of the first businesses to give Espy media attention after featuring it on their July playlist. On top of that playlist, the song has been added to 365 others including one that has 24 thousand monthly listeners, where the song will be alongside some of the most popular artists in the industry. 

In the almost three weeks since the release, Espy has blown up all over. With over 3 thousand streams on Spotify alone, and another 2.5 thousand on SoundCloud the song is easily the artists biggest success in his short career. The song has also had endorsements from trending celebrities including Freakabritt and Queen Naija

The idea for this song is quite different than most would think. After a writer's block that was described as "days long and very frustrating" by the artist, he heard the beat and just started thinking about vacation. Going to Cali & getting on a jet ski was all that was on Wan's mind. 

The hustle doesn't stop here for the Queens artist, the remainder of his freshman year is going to be very big for Wan. Although he plans to push back the release of his debut EP, he plans to continue to give his fans more to be excited about. There will be an Espy video shot in California, more singles, and many (MANY) more visuals. 

Wan Blvd hopes for nothing more than the opportunity to continue to tell his story and connect with his fans. As long as he's still able to express himself and be creative through his music he'll continue chasing his dreams!  


Friday, July 20, 2018

T Barz - Hip Hop (Official Video)

T Barz has maintained a high level of consistency over the past few weeks. But the BSE Recordings artist has not only declared war on bars, but the #BarzOnThursdays series she's releasing is more than just hip-hop. 

So for today's feature, T hits the nail on the head on a old school tone.

So today, we begin with a simplistic yet lyrical focus on the same genre we just mentioned.
Yes, this is "HIP HOP".

Jessie Munro - Under Fire

We are sure they don't teach talent at Berklee College of Music, but Jessie Munro has come on the scene bringing a little rock soul to Voiceless Music!

Hailing from 'We the North', the LA-based singer is hitting her stride with today's feature priming her for the release of her upcoming EP, On My Own. And with that project on the way, Jessie releases a sonically tuned single that can has never  made social acceptance sound so good...

Check out Munro's "Under Fire" below

#BeforeTheIndieVMAs: Leeky- @Leekyxiv

Every artist needs something that is going to make them stand out from the rest. Think about it.. Kanye West is known for his outbursts and unpredictable personality, Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert are known for their questionable fashion choices, and 6ix9ine is known for outrageous appearance. Something always sets them apart from the rest, and Leeky has done that as well. 

Around the 315, the 14th of every month is growing popularity. Leeky can take full credit for this due to his recent branding of the day as "Leeky Day". Each month on the 14th day at any time fans can expect something from this upstate artist.

Leeky started making music during the end of his freshman year as simply an outlet for him after he had torn his ACL and could no longer play basketball. It slowly progressed in the years since into a very serious aspect of his life. "I always loved basketball more than anything. I never thought I'd love anything else as much but music is quickly becoming just as important to me." said the artist.

March 14th started Leeky's rise with the release of his first project entitled 'XIV'. The tape includes hit songs like 'Superman' and 'DTM' and features from fellow upstate artist Generic & KayJay

Working closely with Tha Bakery, Leeky has also begun putting out some amazing visuals including the most recent video for his single 'Repeat

It's only up from here for Leeky. In September the artist plans to release his sophomore album. He also plans to perform as much as possible and release more visuals for his fans. 

Stay tuned to this very unique artist, you won't wanna miss a second!


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Majesty Da Rebel - 0 to 100 Freestyle (Official Video)

Majesty Da Rebel has built a solid resume in this over the past year. But a potential break out in 2018 hasn't slowed him down at all.

So rather than going the "I'm Upset" and "In My Feelings" route, Majesty digs in the bag for one of the industry's favorite beat to freestyle over. And rather than taking his lyrics and be subject to Soundcloud release, he drops a visual to make a statement.

For immediate release, check out Majesty Da Rebel's "0 to 100 Freestyle" below.

LUKEX.O - Every Time (feat. Euro Bands)

It seems the talent is starting to grow in the city that never sleeps as LUKEX.O debuts today on Voiceless Music. 

Referred to us by 2016 Voiceless Music Awards winner SpecialT, the "genre-bending" Hip-Hop artist looks to be primed for a major breakout in 2018 since releasing Depressative last year.

Featuring Euro Bands, LUKE delivers on this voice-altering, catchy new single that not only gives us The Weekend vibes but can easily top you Z100 playlist. 

With its simplistic visual out as well, check out "Every Time" below.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

#BeforeTheIndieVMAs: Nazzy - @ayonazarious

Image may contain: Nazzy Deloach, smiling, outdoor

Cornhill, New York is the home of the next up and coming superstar Nazzy

Starting in seventh grade it has been a long journey for the artist. With an early influence from R&B music including stars like Mariah Carey and Chris Brown the artists rejects the label of rapper and likes to be referred to as simply an artist. "I'm just an artist, producer, and songwriter" said Naz

The artist credits his rise in the 315 to his connections with Bruvahood Music Group (BMG). The group was started years ago with fellow artists RahSin, Onaje, and Noa. In the past months, Naz has parted ways with BMG but still has love for all included. He recently released his last mixtape with BMG entitled "2017", a seven-song tape featuring the four artists. 

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing 

One of the artists biggest goals in music is to make sure that upstate New York music gets recognized. He works with a lot of local artists including some already featured on Voiceless Music including Rich Vocals, Wan Blvd, and Razzle. And now with an upcoming album coming, he has begun working with Generic and Tha Bakery

A longterm goal for Naz is to bring the city together through music and make a name for himself. Plans include a lot more performances and music coming.  With this upcoming album, he expects to wrap up summer in the 315 with a new vibe and introduce himself as a single artist branching out on his own.  The album is scheduled to drop sometime before the end of August, so make sure you stay tuned so you don't miss the beginning of what's going to be a crazy ride! 

Image may contain: Nazzy Deloach, shoes, beard and outdoor