Friday, August 18, 2017

Kony Brooks - Wishing On A Star [Freestyle] (Official Video)

With an upcoming headlining performance at the 2017 Voiceless Music Awards and a pending spot as a guest performer at tonight's Artists and Audiences 2 event, Kony Brooks is riding a natural high through the summer. 

But with all things musically go, the current Mr. Voiceless Music turns his sights on a new challenge... getting himself on New York's famed Hot 97 airwaves to go bar-for-bar with legendary Funkmaster Flex. 

To continue his quest, Kony jumps on a track and drops it in video form. Check out "Wishing On A Star" below.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Tyrik Ballard - Got The Magic

Image result for Tyrik Ballard

He's back ladies, Tyrik Ballard! We gave you his hit single, Uber 2a Benz, now we present to you, Magic!

This is Tyrik Ballard, second hit off his new album, Almost There. Magic is extremely soothing from lyrics to instrumentals. It is only a matter of time before this song blows up! 


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

DaRuddest Jones - Audible Therapy Performance (Live Video)

HipHopRetreatWeek has came and gone but not without some amazing performances and impressive panels. 

But no more impressive than last Saturdays Audible Therapy curated by top 2017 Voiceless Music Awards nominee The Silent Celeb...

With a line up of Voiceless Music greats Zeyi, RaKoon, it was the amazing and personal reflection of DaRuddest Jones during her 15 minute performance that literally shed tears and stole the show!

Check out the full video below.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

GRAND OPENING, GRAND CLOSING: SQMG Opens, Kony Brooks & Teddy Grahams Closes #IndieVMAs17

With the 2017 Voiceless Music Awards coming up very soon the announcements had to start rolling out... 

After announcing the 2-time Voiceless Music Awards winners SQMG opening the big show on August 29th, we've finally determined who will be the last ones up at the event...

As announced last Thursday on HHRW @ Lyve Lyfe Radio, representing the nominated Thot Boys/ICMG/2 Deep, Kony Brooks & Teddy Grahams closes out the show! 

Be there August 29, 2017 at Amarachi Prime!

For tickets email!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Deem Marley - Did You See?

We take to the streets and go all the way to Long Island and find Deem Marley!

About 2 months ago, Deem Marley added his touch to J Hus' "Did you see". It is a motivation for fellas to chase that girl! Definitely a tune that needs to be bumped at clubs. 

You see Deem Marley, Now listen below! 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mélan - Daddy Yankeé

What you know about Mélan? Not a clue! 

Mélan, emerging female rapper from the Bronx, has swag. She spits heat and is groovy! That, Daddy Yankeé, reminds listeners what a Bronx flow is. Mélan brings that sound back!

Enough of us talking! Here's that Daddy Yankeé!

Blackout The Rebel Drops Upcoming Artwork From His Sophomore Album!

Between being nominated for a 2017 Voiceless Music Award, running Darkside Radio, and coordinating his own stage during HipHopRetreatWeek (The Dark Stage), Blackout The Rebel has maintained one of the buisiest schedules on the independent scene. 

But jest we forget, he's still a MC at heart...

Above is the track listing for his upcoming album which is scheduled to drop on the day of his HHRW stage, August 13th. 

Artwork done by IamLiveGraphix and photo by Katie Kay Photography, it seems the rebel from "Darkside", Jamaica, Queens is out to prove a point. 

Train Of Thought drops this Sunday, and Voiceless Music will have a full review by the end of next week!