Monday, September 17, 2018

#WVMR Update: A Member of Voiceless Music Returns To The Airwaves!

After making the announcement that WVMR is the new radio home for the independent, the creative minds of the indie scene has come together to create something special for their own brands.

But Voiceless Music's love for radio has always run deep as the entire staff has experienced the airwaves in some capacity. So of course The Radio Home of The Independent open it's doors to another veteran.

Whatever name he wants to be called, Savage Boy Leek is a true veteran of the mic. So with newcomer King Kidd, rising radio star La Loca and man whose set the vibes for 3 different shows already, DJ 3G, we present you the Leaders of the Misfits!

The new show, Misfit Mob Radio, comes to WVMR New York in September joining an already packed Tuesday with Zeeker Gang Live and S.H.i.T Happens Radio!

You can tune into the new Tuesday show starting on September 18th at 10pm!

 ONLY ON, the Radio Home for the Independent!

This is Upstate: Syracuse vs. Utica

July 22nd was a memorable day! DJ Tiff Dollaz released the most anticipated cypher of the summer, "This is Upstate." Within, the first 24 hours,  the video had about 1.5k views. Simultaneously,  Anthony Obas curated his second event the same day, "The Voiceless Meet Up", which provided an experience for everyone! Now, the two face off in one of the most significant events in the independent music scene. 

This is Upstate: Syracuse vs. Utica  

A Battle to determine which 315 can put on a better show for the people. 
Representing Utica are: 
  1. Razzle
  2. Nazzy 
  3. Wanblvd 
Representing Syracuse are 
  1. Ya Boy Majik 
  2. Justin Witter/Mike O' Leary 
  3. Tanksley  
Each artist will have a 20 minute set and can do whatever they want during that set.  Bring other artists,  create a mash pit, perform with a live band, whatever. The purpose of the event is to create a memorable performance for the people. Each artist will be judged based on our Performance Rubric and once all the points are added up.  Victory will be either for the Utica artists or Syracuse artists!

This is an event you don't want to meet. Tickets are available now! Only one 315 shall prevail, who do you have see?! 

See you guys on October 12th at 6 p.m. at 
The Spark Contemporary Art Space.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Toniii & King Los - On Everything

There's just something about good rap music.

So with a 3FoldTino production that brings the return of King Los from the battle rap scene with Massachusetts MC Tonii as they give us that Ghost & Kiss back-to-back vibe on this today's feature. 

Now on Spotify, check out "On Everything" below.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Nazzy - Autumn's Calling (Album Review)

I have to admit, I knew nothing of Nazzy before meeting DJ Tiff Dollaz earlier this year. But after highly impressing me with his snippet on the #ThisIsUpstate Cypher for 2018 Voiceless Music Awards I was prepared to hear more. So I'm calling it early, Naz is primed to breakout after releasing this very impactful release of Autumn's Calling.

We are in an age where most R&B projects aren't much on substance but this is different. Nazzy has hit that stride where the new era 'trap soul' and 'Pop & B' are whole heartedly accepted, evident on such tracks as "Your Body" and "Summertime Vibes". 

But so far, a stand out has to be the cook up Tha Bakery delivered to us on "Whip Music" which shows off that seamless chemistry from the cypher between Nazzy, Generic and Leeky.

But if I personally had to choose a song as the breakout hit, then "Summer Fever" is it. I can't stress the breakdown of having a little soul in this era mixed with that lyrical flow... Drake is that you?

Autumn's Calling may not be a Take Care, but maybe even Nazzy can get DJ Booth articles on being ok in your own skin one day... but when you already starting on top this early...

Thank us later.

- DJ Mainstream

Nazzy - Autumn's Calling
iTunes / Spotify / Amazon

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Adrian Javon - Realize (Official Video)

One of our favorite eras in the world for music has always been 90s. The music set the mood, the times, the feeling, the culture.

So when it comes to the Los Angeles featured artist Adrian Javon, he's hit that nostaglic never with today's first feature.

After becoming relatively known on the West Coast from doing covers, we are blessed with the single and visual to Javon's Dr. Dre / Boyz N The Hood sampled, soon to be classic of his own. 

Check out the "Realize" below.

Mic Capes - Mansa Musa

And make a million and get rich... 

That's the slogan for life set by Portland native Mic Capes, who preparing for a big 4th Quarter! Fresh off releasing "FRNZY", Capes looks forward in celebrating Black excellence with a new trendy single looking to get the better of the financial things in life. 

On some real, this has to be the first track played at a party in Wakanda.

With a trailer to the visual already released, Mic drops the Tony Fatale-produced "Mansa Musa" below.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Nico Woods - Waves Freestyle (Official Video)

Nico Woods, now officially listed as a Voiceless Music Award winner from his collaboration with Meko Sky on "Throne Talk", has begun his journey as the next up to be recognized from The Bronx. 

So taking upon himself to show off his lyrical ability and making sure we were the first to get it, Nico delivers a freestyle off that could be a early Best Freestyle On Wax contender as he drops some very 90's like flavor on this Joey Bada$$' classic.

Check out the visual to "Waves Freestyle" below.