Friday, June 22, 2018

FreshfromDE - They Just Wanna (Prod. by Jus Clide)

Being a rising star on the independent has it's hardships and downfalls, especially when it comes to keeping your 'day 1s' close. 

So when it comes to the rise of Delaware native FreshFromDE, it only makes sense that the trial and tribulations, misfortunes and heartbreaks become the theme of todays feature. 

So with a very Hip-Hop style beat from Jus Clide,   DE puts a very unspoken subject matter of up and coming artists in "They Just Wanna". Check it out below.

Radio: Dead or Alive?

It be times like this I wish I grew up in the mid 80s where boombox was a huge thing in the hip-hop scene.  This song, "I can't live without my radio" was a classic hit from LL Cool J, one of the most important MCs, in hip-hop.  He talked about the love of radio and how it allowed him to connect with his fans. It also allowed him to display his rap skills. However, we are in a different time period and the love for radio ain't the same in the music industry. Today, we are going to talk about what happened and why as an artist it is still a valuable asset in the music industry. 

Over the years, radio has taken on different forms of delivering content to listeners. You have internet radio, podcasts, streaming services, YouTube channels,  and even Facebook/Instagram live that does exactly what radio does, but its just in a different form. The only thing that has changed with radio is the format not the purpose, so when people say it's dying is just mind blowing to me? 

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But Hey, that is your opinion. I'm just stating real observations! 

As usual, I have to bring it back to the indie scene. It's very simple. Use every form of radio outlet you can. You never know who you can reach or attract. In addition, you want to stay connected with your fans so you can develop that artist/fan base. Not hard right?!

Radio is an essential tool to getting information out. Don't be fooled by people when they are saying radio is dying. In reality, radio is evolving to something better. We are yet to see what is to come, but just know, radio will always be there as long as there's a need for information. PEACE! 

Nick Carter Green - 4 Me Remix (feat. Tory Lanez & Sam Mitchell)

It's official! Summer is here! And we didn't need a Corona for us see that. 

And with the Summer Solstice in full force, we plan to deliver with the tunes that fit the season... especially with today's feature from Nick Carter Green

Its all about the vibes and the joys of Summer 18' as the Chi-town vocalist remixes superstar Tory Lanez for his debut on today's site. Alongside Sam Mitchell, check out "4 Me" below.

Libretto & BusCrates - Ain't That Funky ft. Akela & Redray Fraizure

Voicelessmusic has been messing with the West Coast all this week.  Today we take our ears to Portland, and find Libretto & BusCrates, two artists that brings a jazzy, funk into the Hip-Hop scene with their new single, "Ain't That Funky". We had a chance to review it now. 

About two weeks ago, the two individuals released the visual to their trending song. A couple of things that stood out was the production and lyricism.  The production reminded us of a Pete Rock kind of production.  It is extremely soothing on the keyboards and brings a jazzy vibe. It gave listeners a clearer understanding on what prison is like and it is not that groovy at all. By adding features from Akela and Redray Fraizure, it really brought the whole message together. Overall, a solid track to check. 

If you like the review, then you are going to love the video. Now check out "Ain't That Funky"

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Kony Brooks - All Hail The King (Album Review)

Kony Brooks has earned the name king for several reasons. From being a freestyle titan on several radio shows and cyphers, to being crowned Mr. Voiceless Music one year ago, it makes sense why his latest project is titled All Hail The King.

With the hit songs "Waist Trainer" and "Rough" featuring Mickey Factz already certified bangers, we had to expect much of the same. And we we're not disappointed. 

Impressed by his already powerful lyricism in freestyles stretched from WVMR New York to Shade 45, The King delivers with overall solid content. One of the breakout tracks, which we co-sign as the next single has to be "Catch This Vibe" that has a rare mainstream sound with songs that hit better than your current radio hits.

But for a personal level, "Indiestry Freak" is the surprising favorite. From B. Live to NeQuasia, Kony trended this 2018 How To Rob to subsequently one of the most catchy tracks on the underground scene today. 

If you haven't already, check out All Hail The King on all streaming platforms below and purchase today. 

Honor thy king.

- DJ Mainstream 

Frank Knight - Because I'm Black (Official Video)

The hardest thing to be in recent times is being 'black' in America. Between the police force across the country, the 44th president and even fighting within the culture, it seems the youth have the most to be in fear of. 

Taking upon himself to use his music to be the martyr the youth needs, Frank Knight continues to push the envelope with his visuals as this time he teaches one young African American the history he so blindly needs to know. 

With appearances from professional dancer Mercyy, Voiceless Music rising legend Bizzy Bee and the ever-vescent hood preacher Zeyi, its about 'reach one teach one' with today's powerful feature "Because I'm Black"

The Water of MuSa out now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

BREAKING: 2018 Voiceless Music Awards Location, Sponsor & Media Announced!

With the summer heating up, several artists are making moves and using our illustrious platform, Voiceless Music, as a way to build. 

So with 2018 Voiceless Music Awards nominations voting still going on currently, it was time to announce where the location of the show will be...

On August 19th, Long Island City's Doha Nightclub offer has been officially accepted as the location for the biggest award show of the season! With last year's edition subtitle, A Celebration of Excellence, this year has been titled as: #OurGRAMMYs!

With a flyer coming soon from I Am Live Graphix and currently sponsored by Ivy Productions, we can officially announce the DJs for the night will be: our very own DJ Mastermind and DJ 3G!

And, of course, already rocking the indiestry with his Living Legend project out, we can officially announce Live Johnson is the first performer for the night!

And finally, in conjunction with the current uncrowned concert series king Jay Sparrow, we can also officially announce Signature Series Arts will be taking care of media that night!

If you are interested in performing, being a sponsor or even a vendor at the event, please email NOW!