Friday, August 17, 2018

Hookz Murdock - Gauntlet (Mixtape Review)

All he asked was 22 minutes of our time, and he sure as hell made it count. So with Hookz Murdock's new project, summed up version of his ongoing dedication to Thanos and The Avengers: Infinity War, Gauntlet is a rare occurrence of an artist hitting the nail on the head TWICE on what a concept project should be on a independent scene.

With "Mind" and "Space" already enjoyed by the masses, Hookz has truly tapped in the essence of what the real gems itself mattered to the mad titan and place them strategically in musical form.

But the most impressive on this is the song, or gem known as "Reality" that not only impresses with his feature (major shoutout to Jerry Milo) but both put a little reality in to the game... this track and project can never be done again...

In my estimation, Hookz is officially on point to be the first ever artist to have been nominated for Compilation of the Year two years straight.

Sweet Christmas. 

- DJ Mainstream

Hookz Murdock - Gauntlet
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F*** you, Pay Who?

 Ya Baby, it is the legendary one eyed artist, Fetty Wap.  In this video above, we see Fetty Wap performing some of his singles such as  "Trap Queen"  and "679" before these took off commercially in November and yes, this was before "the great" Lyor Cohen came to the picture. Fetty Wap definitely had the whole crowd at Passaic turnt and he didn't even have to "Pay 2 Play" because he was doing it for so long. Now, this topic of "pay to play" is a very controversial topic and today is no tell you whether you should pay or not pay, but guide you on when!

"Pay 2 Play" is a concept where an artist and a promoter/curator reach an agreement where the artist's pays a sum to perform and the promoter/curator guarantees a PLATFORM for the performer. Not a Crowd, Food, but A PLATFORM! By doing this artist reduce their cost of renting a venue,hiring a DJ, or other expenses.  As a result of pay 2 play, the artist performs for both his listeners and new listeners, while the promoter/curator walks away with some profit. It is a very smart business model, but over the years, it has been controversial! Why? It is because some promoters/curators are leveraging their brand to these artists and giving them these false promises for an unreasonable price. In short term, exploiting them of their money. However, you still have artists who invest in these brands just to chase the clout.  Continuing this "scam" we call today, which is like a Huh to me!!

So about 2 weeks ago, we needed to shed light on how to solve this. I hopped on The Bobcast Show with Bobby Manning to discuss when artists should or shouldn't invest in "scam"  and I created 2 rules of thumb.
  1. If you can bring 25+ loyal people to an event, solely on the power of ya brand, then you don't have to pay to play. You would be covering the cost of the venue, so all you need is a DJ. Still can't cover the expenses? Well, split cost with other artists, Duh.  Check the blog Music Makes Money for more info on this.  
  2. If you can't bring 25+ loyal people, you need to pay to play. It reduces your cost while reestablishing previous fans and establishing new ones as well. However, you need to get to know the promoter/ curator. Review them and see the success of their events see if it matches with your work.  
Bobby Manning thinks #1 is the best regardless of the number of people. He has never experience a venue bill that was $200+ Sooooooo.... He's wrong!  However, he is definitely right about changing the current idea of "pay 2 play". We need to make sure that both the artist and the promoter/curator are benefiting equally. How do we start it?! By using those 2 rules of thumb.  Then this, indie-stry will go back to normal. I want to thank Bobby Manning for having me on this podcast and I hope ya learned something here. To listen to the podcast, hit the link below and lets work! Peace. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

AB Soarin & FreshfromDE - Pack It Up (Official Video)

Delaware native FreshfromDE hit his stride quick when he dropped off one of our favorite songs "They Just Wanna" last month, but now he's back with another hood pleaser.

The new visual, featuring another fellow East Coast native, Boston rep AB Soarin, delivers as a trap anthem with a addicting piano rhythm. Which is sure to be a new favorite amongst the hood....
you call yourself a artist, listen... "Pack It Up".

Check out the video below.

#BeforeTheIndieVMAs: New 2019 Cyphers Decided; 2019 Awards Dates Determined!

The 2018 Voiceless Music Awards is officially going down August 19th at DOHA Nightclub in Queens, New York and we're excited for all the nominees and upcoming winners!

So with that being said, we are already looking into next years edition! As of this writing, next year's award show will either be held on August 19th or 25th, 2019! So get your planning ready as we turn it up once again!

And like last year, we are already in the middle of featuring this years cyphers from the shows of WVMR New York but next year we are doing this a little different. The 2019 Voiceless Music Awards tagline is "The City Is Mine", and with that we've decided to reinforce that. 

We will be featuring all 5 boros for next year cyphers with the captain(s) of each boro deciding their artists they want featured in the visual! We've already decided Meko Sky & Kony Brooks representing The Bronx and SpecialT and Blackout The Rebel for Queens!

The next 2 captains have been chosen! They are as follows...

Upstate New York
Captain DJ Tiff Dollaz

Long Island
Captain Diddy of Long Island & The Vali Boyz

And while the 2019 Voiceless Music Awards is 365 days away, its only right to begin the hype from now!
For more information on the 2018 edition, or the 2019 edition, email us at today.

2018 Voiceless Music Awards - Darkside Radio's Blackout The Rebel - Black Sky Freestyle

The 2018 Voiceless Music Awards goes down in August 19, 2018 live from DOHA Nightclub in Queens, NY featuring an exclusive opening performance from 3-time Voiceless Music Awards nominees Thot Boys!

And to prepare we are doing 5 cyphers leading up to the epic show featuring WVMR radio shows and two epic special features including today's feature...

Last years cypher head Blackout The Rebel has quietly sat back and let this year's chosen shows to take their place in leading up to this years awards show.

But with Darkside Radio taking a slight hiatus, the former 3-time Voiceless Music Award nominee felt it was time to show why he's always an artist first. 

For the 3rd (technically) cypher released, check out his "Black Sky Freestyle"!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

PROMKNGHT- "About Us" Official Music Video

After a spectacular release of his latest single, PROMKNGHT delivers a demanding visual for the song, "About Us".  It contains great shots, great vocals, and of course,  PROMKNGHT's creativity. We, Voicelessmusic, had a chance to review the music video. Let's dive into it!

PROMKNGHT released the visual to his single less than 2 weeks ago and it has been a slept on visual. The video itself has done well having 4,000 people view the masterpiece. Why?! In this music video, PROMKNGHT went beyond the standard. He decided to record the visual alone to signify that not all R&B/Pop video have to involve a significant other to get the message across. This was unexpected, but a very pleasing visual direction.  Good job! 

PROMKNGHT can be found on all social media, so definitely give him a follow. If you like the visual, well we got the link to the audio right here below. Peace

SpecialT & Ru$ Grey- New Attitude VIDEO

Independent music often lacks one essential thing when releasing visuals.. a story line. No matter how elaborate the story line may be seeing an artist do more than just standing in different locations rapping along to their song is a nice change! 

The newest artistry is brought to you by SpecialT and Ru$ Grey in the video for their single "New Attitude". Though the majority of the video is a tradition independent showing, personally I find the most engaging part to be the beginning and end of the video. The cameo by Voiceless Music owner, John Ari Caul, is a nice touch as well. 

The video doesn't fail to exceed expectations when compared to the single itself. The song goes hard and, in my opinion, the video goes even harder! 

Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comment section!