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Sometimes you gotta go back and teach the generation where it came from. And in Voiceless Music vet OG Ninja's words, teach 'em how to rap as well.

That was the presentation given on his new video which is all about the focus of rapping (on the beat) delivering lyrical goodness, bringing us back to the 90s with the visuals, and taking us on a tour of the great city of Chicago. 

Check out the video to The OG Ninja's single "Overdrive", fresh off his new project Year Of The Ninja, below.

Check out Year of The Ninja here.

by DJ Mainstream

Some of the greatest stories are never told. But the ones that are, you appreciate because you become understanding of how a person perseveres through their struggles to become what they are today. That is the basic definition of who Siano is as a man. 

A multi-faceted artist and multi-time Voiceless Music Award winner, the Queens native has put nothing but time and energy into his music.

by DJ Mainstream

If you really know me, I have an affinity for that west coast bang. That Yay Area sound that drives the culture. Today's feature, aforementioned area representatives B3hree and Nump bring that sound to the forefront with a simplistic bop for their visual. 

Listen, we don't check pockets over here. But we definitely don't want anyone broke around us. Especially no hoes.

by DJ Mainstream

To be a lover of music means to be so multi-faceted, that you can literally rock out to anything. Today, Micky James has brought me back to the sounds of the 80s and 90s with his debut Voiceless Music feature.

Jet black hair, pearly white teeth and bellbottoms and you can look at Micky James and know this guy was born to be a star. So when you deliver on this OK GO! with a little of The Clash with your new single, you know you are on to something.

by DJ Mainstream

In a world full overly emphasized trap sounds and melodic, dull singles, once in a while, Voiceless Music gets a catchy one worth the listen. 

Central Florida resident Bell provides that example. 

Reminiscent of the trap soul king Bryson Tiller before him, the genre-breaking up and comer looks to continue to ride the success of today's feature, which caught the attention of The Source and has garnered 100K views for the video, seen here.

by DJ Mainstream

Everyone loves a good bounce.

For us, it's the sake of the bounce that makes us love good music. And while we are stuck in an era of trap, today's feature Jay VarCity, is giving you a little bit of everything. 

Already causing much buzz throughout New York, the Rockland county native blends an impressive beat with his real telltale story of struggling to survive and earning your keep. 

Coming to us by way of our affiliates over at Goodfellas.TV, this is "Nothin' Given'".

Imagine courtesy of NBC Sports

by DJ Mainstream

What a time to be alive in the world of professional wrestling.

If you are like me, you’re excited, ecstatic and… maybe a bit surprised? Confused? Befuddled?

Thesaurus words aside, professional wrestling is cool again. We have been spoiled to just watching World Wrestling Entertainment for far too long.

by DJ Mainstream

"It's clear as day where I'm from and who I'm running with" - Eric Martin

Sometimes it takes some time to rebrand and refocus. But it takes even more patience before revealing said rebrand, hence why I was a big supporter of today's feature Eric Martin, and his new lease on music. 

He's always been a spitter. Always one of Brooklyn's underrated. BUT, one of the deadliest punchline artists I've ever met. Seven puts all of that together.

by DJ Mainstream

For years, I myself have tried to replicate the original BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher with my own from the Voiceless Music Awards.

However, it ain't always easy to get artists on the same page, let alone in the same room to create greatness. Lucky for us, three incredible artists all rest their talents under the World Wrestling Entertainment banner, more specifically the NXT brand.

by DJ Mainstream

The great ones have all started somewhere. 

Hayley met the Farro Brothers at school... then became Paramore.

Pieces of other bands and moving parts became the greatness Slipknot.

14-year-olds Billie and Mike went from Sweet Children to Green Day. 

The point I am making is that it is possible to find like-minded individuals with a-rockin' sound,  harmonic tones and good vibes and form something great. Definition: Chiwolf.