Monday, February 8, 2016

"Help Me", "Black Hill Ave" & Other Upcoming Independent Releases For 2016!

Voiceless Music is preparing for a big 2016 from independent artists from all over the world! Below are the current releases we know at this time,

International superstar from South Africa, RapSinger, states to his fans and Voiceless Music that he is prepared to drop his mixtape, The Return this Wednesday. 
In the meantime, The Phoenix Rising will be released in 2017 via iTunes!

Juanito Jones’ major label debut Help Me is  coming in March! And while you enjoy the cover & promo art above, be prepared for his new single coming soon.

Voiceless Music Awards Best Group Star Qualified looks to follow up 2015’s Qualified For A Reason, with the upcoming release of Major Royalty 4 dropping in the Fall!

Finally, Nikko Tesla’s SONY debut Black Hill Ave is coming April 19 and we hear we will get the exclusive cover art very soon!

If you are an independent artist, let us add you to our schedule! Email us with the cover art, release date and any information we need to state!

SKOK - Summer Sixteen Freestyle

Some of us are out here looking for revenge, and others are out here just to give out these bars.

For upstate New York native, SKOK, this is light work compared to what’s on Voiceless (out now) and what is to come for 2016. But while you wait for what’s to come, SKOK avoids the “panda” craze and hops on Drake’s unexpectedly Views From The 6 promotional release single.

Check out SK’s “Summer Sixteen” freestyle below.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

#VoicelessMusicRadio Episode #117: DJ Mainstream's Birthday Celebration (Podcast & Video Replay)

This past week on Voiceless Music Radio with The Pulse Of New York for DJ Mainstream's birthday celebration...

JU$$-B came on the show and had the entire crew on tilt with Kerby's (see the video replay for more)! But there's nothing like good conversation as JU$$ wished for changes in the game while also calling for his shot with Dreamville...

Also on the show, Zeke Jaye came by who not only stated plans for 2016 now that Perspective is out but his upcoming showcase (which was announced that DJ Mastermind will be on the 1s and 2s, but announce his plan to perform at the For The Love Of Music Showcase!

All this as we celebrated DJ Mainstream's birthday, we enjoyed an overall lit show. But if you missed ANY of it, make sure to check out the podcast & video replay below!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

BlockBangerz & DJ Poska Presents Frank Knight - Passion Of The Greatness (feat. Kola Rai)

Block Bangerz and French Hip-Hop tastemaker DJ Poska could've chose any talented artists in the world for their next release.

But no, they chose multi-time Voiceless Music Awards winner Frank Knight, who enlists Kola Rai, for this very deep, Hip-Hop flavored single.

Enjoy "Passion Of The Greatest" below.

BREAKING: Multi-time #IndieVMAs Nominee & Former Showcase Winner Juanito Jones Added As Judge/Performer!

In case of a tie breaker we needed another judge...

And there is no one better than Multi-time #IndieVMAs nominee and current member of the Deans List tour, Juanito Jones who has officially been added to our For The Love Of Music Showcase!

Be there at The Spot, 34 West 32nd Street, 9th Floor on February 20th

All brought to you by Voiceless Music!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mel - Solaris (EP Review)

After dropping a few singles here on Voiceless Music, the unsigned Baltimore sensation Mel follows up with a 4-track opus in Solaris.

Right off the bat, we'd like to draw attention to the track "Pulp Fiction", not just because it embodies the name of a cult classic, but the song itself displays the same dichotomy that make the movie itself ahead of its time. 

But while "Pulp Fiction" should be on your rotation, the song "Luva" should be heard from by the world. A sound distinctly made for radio, Mel truly shows the same trippy but electric sound that drew labels to one Travis Scott

Make sure to check out Mel's newest release, and download, Solaris below!

Zeke Jaye & JU$$-B Turns Up For DJ Mainstream's BDay Celebration On #VoicelessMusicRadio

This week on Voiceless Music Radio with the Pulse Of New York, DJ Mastermind, Lady Sen and DJ Mainstream

From stages across New York to music blasting across the city, JU$$-B touches down to Voiceless Music Radio to discuss his 2016 movements!

And before tearing it down his own stage on the 18th for his Perspective Showcase, Zeke Jaye discusses his latest release on air!

And finally we celebrate our very own DJ Mainstream's birthday.. and of course he's bringing his very own version of Voiceless Corner with him!

It's Episode #117: DJ Mainstream's Birthday Special
TOMORROW at 10pm