Wednesday, June 20, 2018

BREAKING: 2018 Voiceless Music Awards Location, Sponsor & Media Announced!

With the summer heating up, several artists are making moves and using our illustrious platform, Voiceless Music, as a way to build. 

So with 2018 Voiceless Music Awards nominations voting still going on currently, it was time to announce where the location of the show will be...

Long Island City's Doha Nightclub offer has been officially accepted as the location for the biggest award show of the season! With last year's edition subtitle, A Celebration of Excellence, this year has been titled as: #OurGRAMMYs!

With a flyer coming soon from I Am Live Graphix and currently sponsored by Ivy Productions, we can officially announce the DJs for the night will be: our very own DJ Mastermind and DJ 3G!

And, of course, already rocking the indiestry with his Living Legend project out, we can officially announce Live Johnson is the first performer for the night!

And finally, in conjunction with the current uncrowned concert series king Jay Sparrow, we can also officially announce Signature Series Arts will be taking care of media that night!

If you are interested in performing, being a sponsor or even a vendor at the event, please email NOW!

Landon Wordswell & DJ Surebert - The Numbers Game

We try to express our pains and thoughts through opinions, but it is clearly a number's game.  The duo, DJ Surebert and MC Landon Wordswell, understood this well and took the pen and paper to create a new single called, "The Number's Game". Now Voiceless Music take honor in reviewing it.  

About a month ago, the duo released the single "The Number's Game".  The duo gave us a glimpse of the message behind their upcoming album. One of the main messages deal with survival.  There are a lot of obstacles people of color must over come. Racism and Incarceration are just some of the things to survive. By 2bringing in artist,  Michael Bernier, it only completed the powerful song.  

The duo, Landon Wordswell and DJ Surebert, can be found everywhere.  So dial in as they reveal their single, "The Number's Game". Now!

Jade McKenzie - What I'm Worth

R&B has always been a very blurred line genre for a while. With most of our crooners and songstress turning into modern day rappers, it seems the art of vocal range has been lost. But today's debut feature, Jade McKenzie, is definitely bringing us back!

A undeniable vocal tone reminiscent of Jojo, and range to even make Ella Mia blush, Jade harmonizes to that man getting him to understand the worth of a real woman.

If your like us, it won't take much for you to fall in love with "What I'm Worth". Check it out below.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Amplified- I am

The Bay Area is known for a ton of music, but do they know about the rising Hip-Hop star name Amplified? Amplified is a 23 year old star, who blends various genres to help his listeners discover themselves and discover him.  On his latest single, "I am", he was able to do that and Voiceless Music had a chance to review it. 

The single "I am" was released about 3 weeks ago and has reached many places like New York.  What is significant about the song "I am" is how Amplified displays his lyricism and delivery.  He talks about being the perfect form of himself.  By removing certain people out of his life, he believes that he can accomplish more. As a result,  he is able to truly discover himself as an artist. He was able to do this through a melodic flow and catchy harmonies.  We have seen artists do this before, but not in an Amplified way. Great work. 

Amplified can be found on all streaming services. So if you want to find out more about him, let him tell who he is on "I am" below. 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Generic Drops Rubik's Cube

Generic & Tha Bakery have been busy at work since the summer started. First jumping on the "This Is Upstate" freestyle cypher which will be dropping in July and then on June 14th they dropped not one but TWO videos! One for LeekyXIV upcoming single "Repeat" and one for one of the hottest single to come to all streaming services this summer Generic's "Rubik's Cube"  

Summer is known for falling in love and growing and that's what Generic is giving us with his newest workFalling in love doesn't come without trust issues no matter which side of the story you're on.

Jack, The Bakery's producer, outdid himself on this one. He took the original beat by and added extra drums to add more of an anthem element to the hook. The muffled phone call claiming that he could be the one at the end of the song put the perfecting ending to the hit.

"So, I always tend to over-analyze situations. My friends can vouch for that. But I think a lot of people do, especially when it comes to relationships and emotions. The story leaves it open to interpretation of what this girl's past might have been like, and it just illustrates how we sometimes struggle to put our trust in new people that we're getting to know on a personal level when you have to take that leap of faith with them." said Generic when asked about his newest single. 

 "I'm happy people can relate to the lyrics and the feel of the song. It's a great feeling to see that you can reach people and connect with them like that through your self-expression and art, you know?" said the upstate artist 

Tha Bakery looks to be cooking up a hot summer with this one!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Teddy Grahams - Never Too Much (feat. Kony Brooks)

With Kony Brooks' project All Hail The King moving, it was a matter of time that Teddy Grahams would be next up. 

And with the soulful sounds of Luther lacing this Mantra production, Teddy his stride with some impressive lyricism featuring on some fire Afro-pop rhythms. Featuring the former Mr. Voiceless Music, it looks like his One Thing For Sure project will add to the list of anticipated projects of 2018.

Check out "Never Too Much" below.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Amsterdam - Danny Ainge (Produced by TOPE)

Producer TOPE has been pushing music to Voiceless Music for just under 3 years now. Doing whatever he can to put Northwest on the map, the man with the beats presents us with another promising Oregon artist. 

Celtics surprisingly made it far into the NBA Playoffs based on, not only the players heart and determination, but the savvy business moves of legend Danny Ainge. But relating the GM to his playing days, Amsterdam intertwines his love life and her dedication.

With some clever wordplay and dissection of #22, and some rare cover photo of the career total, 2 home run baseball player, check out "Danny Ainge" below.