Friday, May 18, 2018

Shade Valintino - Hit It (feat. Jaquae) (Official Video)

From flooding WVMR New York with interviews to placing at Road to Voicelesspalooza recently, the #ValiBoyz have been shaking New York City for the entire 2018. 

So with 'the Mike Jack of Rap' ready to release his upcoming project, Shade Valintino is up next! And with an single release party happening tonight at NYC's Club Lust w/ the one and only Funk Flex, he's literally on fire. 

So with Love & Hip-Hop star Jaquae on the feature, it's only right Shade celebrates in a big way. Check out his new visual "Hit It" below.

BREAKING NEWS: Late Addition to Voiceless Music Tunes

Hold up one second, if you thought the craziness of May was over you were wrong. With Voiceless Music Tunes being updated on Wednesday we missed a very highly anticipate single. We at Voiceless Music have decided to make a special edition just for the one and only Special-T. 

  Voiceless Music Entertainment is on the roll this month. We had True Pax , then Meko, now finally Special-T with his new single, New Attitude with Ru$ Grey, and we're not only reviewing it on the day of its release but also adding it to Voiceless Music Tunes.

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In Special-T's first single in over years he goes off. The tempo is upbeat and catchy to any listener. Whether you enjoy lyrically heavy music or a song you can just bump to, this song is the one for you. Make sure you listen closely to what Special-T is saying on this one.

It's clear that Special-T took his time off and used it to his advantage and put out some heat on his first song back. Make sure you stay up to date with Special-T by following him on all streaming services and watching for more exciting news only on Voiceless Music.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Jazzmyan Red- If I had a Daughter

We all need a mentor in our life and Jazzmyan Red is trying to be there for the people. Jazzmyan Red, a Massachusetts artist, has a lot of emotion and a ton of stories to tell to us.   She tells us a great story on her newest single, "If I had a Daughter", and we had a chance to review it now! 

Off her album, "Writing Her Story", Jazzmyan Red released the visuals to "If I had a Daughter".  One message that came across the entire video and song was empowerment to motherhood.  Jazzmyan was having a conversation to a daughter she wish she had. She wanted to teach her so many aspects and lessons of life, so the daughter can grow up to light up the world.  This song was not only to tell a story in Jazzmyan perspective, but to raise conversation within the community about miscarriage rates and the urban community.  What an excellent piece! 

Jazzmyan Red's "If I had a Daughter" can be found on all streaming platforms.  So, now we present to you guys the visuals to "If I had a Daughter" below. Thanks for reading. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Money Magic: Make it out

If you ain't grinding for  yourself and others, how are you really suppose to make it out? Money Magic, Queens rapper, explicitly depicts this on his latest single "Make it Out" and he dropped a music video to show you guys his drive to Make it out the hood. Voicelessmusic had the pleasure of reviewing the single now! So let's get into it.

Money Magic released the visuals to this song about two months ago.  What really stood out on this song was definitely the delivery and the lyricism. It had a lot of emotions that showed that  Money Magic truly wanted to make it out the hood. He wanted to grind for his newly child, Carter. And all those who truly doesn't want him to shine, well he's going to get out of it since it's more than the clout. Lines  that stood out for us were "...Jay-z, money, that crazy money" and "people still move in the hood like Beanie Sigel". These lines allude to how Roc-a-fella moved in the early 2000s and how Money Magic sees the same thing applicable today.  Excellent usage of lyricism.

Money Magic can be found on Soundcloud with his other tracks, "My Ambition", and his latest single, "Givenchy".  If you like the review, check out the video, and let him know. Here is "Make it Out". Enjoy.

Frank Knight - Black In America II (feat. Killa Priest of Wu-Tang Clan)

They say the hardest thing to be African-American during Trump's administration. This is a form of opinion, not fact. 

But for Brooklyn MC Frank Knight, and his featured track which debuted on WVMR New York during the entire Monday night radio line up (a new station record), it's about the principles, burden and plight of being black in the United States. With the legendary Wu-Tang Clan's member Killa Priest, these two lyricism speak on a generational gap with one central issue: their color defines their journey in this current world. 

Following up from part 1 track from his award winning, Free Lunch, check out "Black In America II" below. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Chyna Streetz - Baddie (Official Video)

Teasing the masses for the past few months, the former multi-time Voiceless Music Awards nominee Chyna Streetz seems to be back as today she drops her first visual here in over 3 years. 

With a familiar face as the male lead, the curly haired female MC delivers on this 'girls night' vibe with plenty of cheek between the 'baddies' in the video and her melodic lines throughout the song. 

Featuring one of our favorite lines for 2018 (and for sure our new slogan), we drop Chyna's visual to "Baddie" below.

And remember: we DO NOT fuck with the help

Breaking News: Seth Dollar Responds to "This is a Music Video"

"This is a Music Video" was a successful blog on Friday. So many different responses. However,  one person challenged the blog, Seth Dollar, a Syracuse artist, who explained the idea of a music video using his latest video, "Double Feature". This music video was a combination of two songs off his album "Vanity"; Girl Talk and Shuffle.  We see an 80's aesthetics and it is matched with location and lighting of the video. We see a back and forth conversation with the artist and the girl as he tries to figure out her intentions.  Did the director and the artist accomplish their vision? Well you are going to determine it now! Video below!   

I think Seth Dollar and director, Jacob Brown , accomplished the mission.  I clearly understood what was going on. Seth Dollar wants to make sure that other artists can do the same thing.  He jumped on a podcast with me to explain the significance of his video, but also his response to my article and the current state of the indie-stry. Definitely a good interview to check out.
Click the link to listen.