Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pretty Lyon Drops "Angels vs Demons"; Confirms Appearance On #TheDailyTalk This Friday

Before officially starting as co-host on Pretti Talk Radio on WVMR next week, the artist known as Pretty Lyon will be on 'The Voice of WVMR' Cool Chellz show The Daily Talk!

Friday at 10am be prepared to hear from Chellz' #TheDaily5 former #1 artist of "That Ain't Happening" live on air! In the meantime, the Princess of Brooklyn releases her newest video "Angles vs Demons" below.

Luke Kruger-Aimone - Can't Complain (Remix) (feat. SpecialT)

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While he is new to the Voiceless Music site, Luke Kruger-Aimone isn't new to music. Young in age, but a true 'old soul' at heart musically, the "Disintegration" singer has started to make waves.

So with the release of the his newest EP, Heathen, the rising star has decided to release a remix to one of his more popular tracks with 2016 Voiceless Music Awards nominee SpecialT

Check out the remix to "Cant' Complain" below.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Leon Marin Takes Over #ThePulseOfNewYork Before #IndieVMAs16 Voting Ends!

This week on The Pulse Of New York featuring DJ Mainstream, DJ Mastermind and Lady Sen...

Leon Marin comes to the station for a takeover, hours before his birthday and a day before the 2016 Voiceless Music Awards voting ends...

And with a takeover comes music, as all night we will drop music from the critically acclaimed  WelcomeToTherapy project and classics from the Gowanus-bred MC!

And we have all the hot news in Voiceless News and new track from Ricky Rude & AR-AB in our official Voiceless Premier!

It's Episode #11 of The Pulse Of New York!

Flawless - Pablo Escobar Flow (feat. Khaleed of P.L.U.G.) (Official Video)

The young MC known as Flawless has built a reputation here on our website since his first post earlier this year as an artist on the rise. A possible nominee for Breakout Artist of the Year for 2017’s Voiceless Music Awards, the Bronx native is has prepared himself for major promo push his upcoming mixtape, Things Are Different These Days.

But as most promo goes, the music shall follow as the young rapper becomes inspired by the adventures of famed drug lord Pablo Escobar’s story from Netflix’s Narcos on his new track. Taking film into his music, Flawless, is joined by friend Khaleed, for his dreams of fame and fortune with “Pablo Escobar Flow”.

Check it out below.

WVMR Gets Exclusive Ricky Rude / AR-AB Track For Rotation!

Since signing to Cash Money, it seems the man aforementioned in Drake’s “Back 2 Back”, AR-AB has shook the industry and resurrected the Gangsta Rap genre that had mainstream media terrified of what would be said next on the speaker.

Since, linking with AR-AB, Trina, and other industry vets, the New Jersey native Ricky Rude has put the world on notice: he’s an MC truly to fear, either albeit independent or mainstream.

So when the two link together, it becomes a lyrical nightmare for all as today we’ve received their newest single “Be About It” which is sure to get plenty of love & spins across the nation. But for now, the song is EXCLUSIVELY on WVMR and will be spinned on our station officially starting TODAY!

And if you miss it dropping on WVMR, it will be our Voiceless Premier on The Pulse Of New York this Thursday at 10pm! Make sure keep an ear out for that exclusive drop for it as well. 

Hendo - I Got The Keys (Remix)

Freestyles and freeverses.

Whatever you want to call them, its exercise for the true lyricist in music. 9 times out of 10, rapping over an industry beat, like today’s feature, it can easily propel an artist to another level of recognition especially promoted right. So when longtime fan of Voiceless Music, Hendo decided to jump on a beat, he made sure he had something to say.

Speaking on everything from #BlackLivesMatter to being with yo’ girl, Hendo picks up the keys where they we’re left on his remix to “I Got The Keys”. Check it out below.

Monday, September 26, 2016

BREAKING: JesBlaze Rebrands Show, 'No Filter Radio' Now On Tuesdays on #WVMR!

After making the announcement that WVMR is the new radio home for the independent, we didn't take long for someone to answer the call. Literally 1 week removed from the announcement via Voiceless Music Radio's last episode, the newest radio home for the independent in WVMR already had its first new show!

Fast forward a few month's later, the show previously known as 'The Menu' was re-branded to fit the one and only JesBlaze's unique attitude perfect for our station!

Radio veteran JesBlaze has announce shehas changed her hit show into, No Filter Radio!

After closing a deal with Rockview Entertainment, the show will feature artists from all over including the Queens-based indie label.

And with a live mic, the well known and very outspoken personality Jes, will take her talents from some of New York's biggest independent events and bring it to WVMR family next month!

Alongside our daily show The Daily Talk, The Pulse of New York, Left Lane Radio, ENY Talk Radio, Runner Up Radio, Darkside Radio, The BLACKTASTIC Show, Trippy Radio, Pretti Talk Radio, and Jessica B. Live Hour, No Filter Radio joins a talented cash of Shows on WVMR!

You can tune into a new No Filter Radio show, weekly Tuesdays starting October 4th at 6pm ONLY ON, the radio home for the independent!