Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Young Wolf - Well Rounded (feat. XVRHLDY) (Official Video)

Chi-town's rap scene still has a lot of untapped talent... lucky for us we are fully patched in.

Coming from Iman Shumpert's 3AMB circle, Windy City MC Young Wolf lets you know where you chick is at as he drops "Well Rounded" featuring frequent collaboratior XVRHLDY.

Check out the new visuals below.

Voiceless Corner: Lance Stephenson Drops A "Hot N***A" Freestyle?

Say what you want about Lance Stephenson:

He's a spitfire on the court...

He's plays like tough the New York-born players before him...

He blows in LeBron's ear for fun...

But a rapper is the one thing you didn't expect to say about him and yet, today, we drop his "Hot Nigga" freestyle video today.

Yep. From NYC to NC with love.

Be Yonka - Still Got Your Chain (Official Video)

Sometimes being in love & in a relationship, we tend to leave things behind. Or hold on to things that make you remember the person you was once with.

In native New Yorker Be Yonka's new video, the idea is the chain of a man she once considered hers. 

Check out the official video to her new track, "Still Got Your Chain" below and download the track here.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Juanito Jones - W.A.Y. (We're All Young) (feat. J Class ) (Official Video) (Dir. by Jhara)

Juanito Jones continues to drive the point home that conscious Rap has not gone anywhere. 

Today, he drops the very positive song that should be on you life soundtrack. Because deep down, we all want to live young... why not embrace it?

Check out the video, "W.A.Y. (Were All Young)" featuring fellow MC J Class directed by Jhara.

Kamos - H.E.R. Again (feat. Ahmaad)

New to the site, Kamos brings a major feel to Voiceless Music.

Why major? Well all the artists here on the site do this for the love of music, but when you have to talk to her like she's the love of your life, then we can only respect it. Especially when you have fellow rising star, Ahmaad on the track.

Check out "H.E.R. Again" below.

J-Rise - #VMLemonadeFreestyle

Today, we drop another artist who challenge this month's Voiceless Music Radio contest: the #VMLemonadeFreestyle!

Ok, so we lied. Officially, this is the last #VMLemonadeFreestyle entry... the MC known as J-Rise.

The winner to be announced this Thursday on Voiceless Music Radio live at 10pm only on FLOEmpireRadio.com!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Voiceless Music Radio Presents Roger Ortega & Byrdy

Another entertaining show this past week on Voiceless Music Radio as we introduced the Roger Ortega and Byrdy!

Roger Ortega had his RoRo's tuned in this week as DJ Mainstream discuss in-depth about his career so far including is rise in the indies, his undeniable connection with his fans and #BootySlap!

Byrdy, a longtime friend of both DJ Mainstream & DJ Mastermind,  also was on the show, who discussed his transition from print ad and commercial modeling, to his original love of music, specifically rapping... which he just started A WEEK AGO (check out the video & podcast to get why we said this)

It all went down last Thursday! Check it out below!

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream