Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Lena Jackson - End Of The Tunnel (feat. Maestra)

They say somewhere between MC Lyte and Cardi B, that "female rap" has lost it's way in some accord. However, in the essence of the genre is the ability to turn poetry into rhyme. That's today's feature, Lena Jackson, does well in her debut on our website. 

Hailing from the Tar Heel state, Lena is in the middle of a music push with her EP, Darkness Brim, dropping several weeks ago. But the subsequent single seems to put the majority on notice as her flow easily glides like lyrical exercise. 

With Maestra the feature, and production by P.A.T. Junior, check out "End Of The Tunnel" below.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Porcelan - Lois Lane

Since the release of her first single, "Real Thing Don't Change" (which topped Billboard 100), Porcelan is remaining the topic of discussion in the R&B genre.

But it will take a lot for the rising R&B diva to remain on top. But with her voice as the super power, Porcelan's vulnerability becomes her strength as her follow single debuts today. 

Check out "Lois Lane" below.

Friday, April 13, 2018

The Need 4 Voicelessmusic

Checkmate for a lot of you independent artists and a potential L for major labels. What do you mean? I mean is that artists honestly dont need to sign with a major record label anymore since Spotify became public as of 4/3/2018.  Spotify has figured out another way to generate funding for the company. Since they have more money being generated, they are able to give artists more money for their music! OMG. Yes and we will furthur explain below.

The graph above is extremely confusing, so I am going to explain it as thoroughly possible. Graph 1 represents an artist signed with a major label.  Graph 2 represents and artist signed with an independent label. Graph 3 represents an artist who is truly independent.  As you can see, each graph shows the flow of $1.00. As you start to cut the labels and publishing companies, the artist is able to attain more money for themselves. This is clearly represented in Graph 3. However,  the problem in this graph is that the artist must handle everything themselves.  This involves marketing, brand development,  bookings and etc.  Like that is a lot for an artist! So How do you combat that? Well, with Voicelessmusic and/or your personal team.  

Voicelessmusic helps artist with their brand, create marketing strategies, and create shows for you guys to perform. We are also powered by 4 radio stations, which increases artist's outreach. Good right?! Even if you don't do this, formulate your own team. Have a photographer/videographer, managers,  Marketing strategist, social media coordinator,  booking agent, etc, whatever you need to be a successful artist.  But the big point I'm going to make across is 


Point blank. By doing this,you can truly focus on your music and flourish! We do the research here at Voicelessmusic and you have the option of applying it, but as you can see from above, we are the demand! Now, let's get to work!  

Paige Milan - Clothes On (Official Video)

Paige Milan has been quiet since releasing "Going Places" last year on our website but she hasn't flown completely under the radar.

But the former Pulse Of New York guest seems to have put her clothes on front street as the "Money Arrow" singer gives us nothing but 2000 R&B vibes with her new visual! 

With another hit seemingly on her hands, check out "Clothes On" below.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Young Dueces - Martin-Malcolm

SNYD has always been on point as a lyrical conglomerate. But Young Dueces is looking to make a statement with his debut project, My Unapologetic Black Thoughts coming soon.

Based to the current state of crimes on African Americans and the much racial tension in America, Dueces turns the social climate into a powerful message much needed in today's society.

With the backdrop of two powerful Black leaders as the base, check out the K. Mel Beatz produced "Martin-Malcolm" below.

BREAKING: Radio Personality Cherry Martinez to Co-Host on Zoo Tuesdays & Appear at Road to Voicelesspalooza II!

Radio personality. 

Program director.


She may be a woman of many hats, but she's never experience anything like the 'zoo'!

So on April 24th at 10pm, former host of the #1 show nationally syndicated radio show Power After Hours, Cherry Martinez has agreed to be a special guest co-host on the top rated WVMR New York radio show Zoo Tuesdays!

And thats not all! Cherry has also officially agreed to make a special appearance at Part II of our event, Road to Voicelesspalooza at Aloha NYC!

So if you have not booked your slot, BOOK NOW as we only have 3 SLOTS LEFT! Email us at today.

And tune in April 24th only and the official WVMR NY app!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Rob Drabkin- It's a Beautiful Day

Imagine Dragon vibe is what Voicelessmusic needs and we get it from Rob Drabkin, an independent artist,  who brings various genres together in his newest song, "It's a Beautiful Day". We get a chance to review it! 

"It's a Beautiful Day" is a great starter to the day. We wake up every day not realizing how good of a day it is or going to be.  Rob made us realize this with soaring vocals and driving rhythms. His lyricism and delivery contributes to an emotional impact that resides with his audience.  Amazing  

Follow Rob Drabkin on all streaming platforms. Without further a due,  we present 
"It's a Beautiful Day".