Monday, March 19, 2018

Are Showcases, Talent Shows & Open Mics Really Rigged?

Are showcases, open mics & talent shows really rigged? This is a question that has been asked since the very first of these events. Even though it would take too much work and digging to see if every single talent show, showcase and open mic throughout the country is 100% fair and just we can easily admit that there is a big enough amount that makes us raise this question in the first place. The question is why though? Why would a talent show or showcase go through all of that trouble? What does one gain from that? Well for starters and probably the easiest of reasons is money of course. If done properly there can be a lot of money to be gained from events. Charging the artist to perform, offering vendors tables to sell their merch, tickets etc there's great ways for money to be made so if one wanted to they could orchestrate an event just with those intentions in mind and end up giving the prizes to someone that they know personally. Or let's say that there actually isn't really any prizes or money to be made or given away wouldn't it make sense to have someone you know win and that's in on the hustle with you? 

Another reason is the infamous barter system meaning that the person wining owes the people running the event later on for whatever reason. Maybe a free feature or free beat etc. the possibilities are only limited to the people they can network with and find use for. Now in my travels here in this "Indiestry" I have yet to find such tactics used to this level but I do get suspicious when certain people throw events or when certain people win certain events. Maybe its fair and square or maybe theirs an underlining angle that we as the masses aren't privy to. In any case if you are an artist reading this I highly suggest that you keep an eye out for your competition and also who's throwing these events. If you keep seeing the same people winning the same events then chances are there's probably something going on behind closed doors. In any case I hope this gives you a little to think about when throwing events or competing because the last thing you wanna do is have your event get branded as fixed/rigged or compete in a competition that engages in things of that nature. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Lorenzo Breeze - Ponytail (Official Video)

Queens artist, Lorenzo Breeze recently released his video for his high energy single "Pony Tail". The song features Phoenix and Lightskin Jay.

In true celebration of women's history month the song celebrates the true beauty of woman everywhere. The song is very innocent dedication to the love of independent, beautiful woman.

In an ode to his girlfriend, Shasta and all other woman around the world, the song gives that feel good vibe. With a very energetic chorus it is guaranteed to have you singing along.

Being Lorenzo's first release of 2018 the rest of the year is looking very bright.

The song is available on all streaming services and you can check out the video below.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Go DJ, that's our DJ

Say "Go DJ," 'cause that's my DJ- Lil Wayne 

Weezy's "Go DJ" was the song of '04 off The Carter.  It definitely was one of my favorite songs off the project during Weezy's come up years.  Even though Weezy was wild during these years lol, he understood one thing: The DJ is one of the most important people in the music industry.  If it wasn't for DJ Mannie Fresh, I don't think Weezy would be a popular artist.  Why you say that? Well let's go into it now.

Above, DJ Mannie Fresh comments on Weezy's song. He states that people at clubs used to give him a shoutout for making the clubs lit. Showing appreciation, Weezy created a song dedicated to DJs like DJ Mannie Fresh.  Even though Weezy appreciated Mannie Fresh, it was also an incentive for Mannie Fresh to play his tracks at parties and promote.   It definitely made Weezy more popular now since Mannie Fresh is adding it to his mixes and playing it at clubs. Interesting right?! 

Here's where independent artists fail again once more. You guys are constantly looking for promoters, yet the main ones are right in front of ya, DJs.  They are the reason why songs get played at clubs and radios.  If you are trying to get play time,  incentivize with the DJ. Throw a drink at the DJ,show love, engage, etc to stay connected with the DJ. The DJ don't need you, YOU NEED THE DJ.  He still going to see the check, but some of ya artists idk about that! 

So.. start to have DJs in your contacts! When your track drops,  they will remember what you did! Trust me it is probably how S-Rock, an independent artist, and DJ Mainstream, a DJ, met. Look at them, 

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, hat and indoor

Now look at you! Get ya self a DJ! Peace 

The Lucky (& First Ever) 7 To Be Nominated for 2018 People's Choice Award Nominees!

So we said the 2018 Voiceless Music Awards nominations voting would be open on May 1st! And with a new year, means a new category for this year's award.

With a 48 hour poll taken via DJ Mainstream's Facebook page and tagged by the entire Voiceless Music represented radio shows and staff, we have culminated a list of 7 artists who will be the FIRST EVER People's Choice Award nominees...

AG Flow & Ty Brown


Yung Fly

Lorenzo Breeze


Live Johnson

Bryan Joon

Congrats to the new nominees and keep it locked here to as we will announce the location of this years 2018 Voiceless Music Awards!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Nik Moody - Big Brother

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We all need that someone to watch over our mistakes. I think for artists, maybe Nik Moody, can be that special brother for a lot of you guys.  Nik Moody is a storyteller from Long Island who has a lot to teach us.  From delivery to lyricism,  Nik Moody has it all for a storyteller and now, Voicelessmusic had a chance to listen to Nik Moody and give our thoughts about his latest song, Big Brother.   So here we go! 

Nik Moody released his song, Big Brother, about three weeks ago and it has been on repeat. Why? The story behind Big Brother is amazing. Nik Moody talks about someone who may have passed away teaching others about their past mistakes. Some of these lessons are overdose,  binge drinking, and other moving topics that are relative to today's society. Even though the person is not there, they are teaching lessons to others so others don't end in the situation.  With great word choice and delivery, Nik Moody was able to convey all these in his single.  An amazing job.

We can't keep bragging how awesome this song is, so we are to have you guys listen. Remember it's on all streaming platforms.  Here is Big Brother by Nik Moody.

2018 Voiceless Music Awards Community Matters Nominee: Scott Morris

Originally known as the Lifetime Achievement award, the Community Matters Award focuses on those within music that have used their influence for the betterment of the community.

Last year's winner Joshua Walker emphasize that sentiment, this year's follows that.




A former MC forever an entertainer, the MorValue / MorBookings Founder and CEO has turned his status as being one of the most well-known public figures in music to a positive light for many. And with that influence and the development of Daze Summit and the Scott Morris Foundation, he as help many artists find their calling in business and inner city youth better themselves educational wise, including helping students with funds to go to college. 

This year's recipient is none other than Scott Morris.

Congrats to him and keep it locked here to as we will announce the location of this years 2018 Voiceless Music Awards!

Bryan Joon - Bryan Joon (Album Review)

Love is definitely a complicated topic haha. We at Voicelessmusic might not understand it, but Bryan Joon, an R&B/Pop artist, discusses the significance of Love off his new album, 
Bryan Joon.  This artist definitely has some influences from Sam Smith as you listen through the album.  So let's talk about the album now. 

About a month ago, Bryan Joon introduced us to 12 dope songs off his album. With each song, Bryan Joon talks about the experiences of love. Some songs deal with love at first sight, others deal with relationship love.  However, you can hear and understand the complications Bryan Joon dealt with. Some of his notable tracks are Name and Pretend. These songs are phenomenal and the live instruments only add more value to the message.  Let's talk about these briefly 

  Name is one of the artist's single and definitely should be played in clubs.  In this song, there's a connection between that special someone in the club, but a person just don't their name.  A common thing I believe, but definitely an issue if a person wants to further the relationship. Am understandable topic. 

Pretend is another of the artist's single.  This song definitely talks about the complications of "friends-with-benefits".  This talks about the sexual resistance between two people. They want to be just friends, but can't don't want to take it to the next step. Another great piece. 

This album is great! We love it here at Voicelessmusic.  Giving it a solid 8.5/10 in our Music Rubric. The album Bryan Joon is available on all streaming platforms.  Hope you guys enjoy it.