Friday, December 15, 2017

RahRah Gabor - Kandy

Fresh off the For Trill Ear$ Only and a performance at the recent For Trill Eyes Only, RahRah Gabor is riding a wave of momentum. 

But with "Oochie Wally", up to 5K in listenership, it was only right the MC prepares for a even bigger 2018. And after announcing the early Voiceless Music Award nomination on last night's show, guarantee this new single is already on it's way to be her next breakout hit.

Produced by longtime collaborator Mastermind, check out "Kandy" below.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Another Wednesday, Another Minute Taken w/ True Pax & The LAW$

It's week number 2 for the boss of Voiceless Music as the official return of DJ Mainstream on the radio, A Minute With Mainstream continued his radio resurgence.

The show started with some interesting banter between our owner and his guest True Pax. And while the comments of our owner and the 17-year-old MC was nothing new, it was Pax ability to shine as not only a knowledgable artist but a determined one looking towards the future. So with dropping tracks like "Paradise" and "Trending Topics", and the brash and abrasive "Want A Lot" (currently in WVMR rotation), it was a memorable first time radio interview.

Next, the station became flooded with talent as the worldwide movement known NYC LAW$! With their manager Dizz, the group discussed their epic rise on the independent music scene and their desire to stick together throughout it regardless of offers come their way. And with a boatload of music played (and added to WVMR rotation) it was certainly a night to remember on air!

If you missed any of last night's debut, please take a listen in full below.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Man, you not Hot!

Image result for Man's not hot

Girl says: Take off your jacket! 
Big Shaq says: Man's not hot! 

This line contains both a literal and a figurative interpretation. By now,  you have seen the literal interpretation from Big Shaq's, Man's Not Hot. However,  I'm going address an issue that involves the independent industry using the figurative interpretation. Let's get it. 

Big Shaq mentions constantly that he is never hot. Hot represents influence and impact. Now, after that video, one may argue that he's a trending artist or comedian. However, he's not gotten to the status where he has made an impact on people's lives.  This relates to some of you independent artists. You guys need to stop thinking that you are bigger than you are. It is great to have confidence, but a lot of you, independent artists, are becoming extremely cocky with your content. It starts with "I don't need to support other artists" and ultimately, ends with, "I don't perform for free. You guys pay me".  Voicelessmusic response: 

Image result for sit yo ass down

This all happened because you think you're "Hot"! Shaking my head! 

Now, where do we go from here? I call every independent artist to really reflect on their content and the relationship  with the people. Understand that your music is for the people and when you level up, the people level up with you and your music. That's all we gotta say until next time. 

"I'm no expert, but I have seen it work!" Anthony Obas

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

We’re All Screaming More Life

Rich Vocals, an artist who prides himself on bringing old school R&B back to life, has set a date for his very anticipated album Consent. 

Straight from the 845, Rich Vocals has been giving Utica his own flavor for a few years. His popularity has been growing rapidly both locally and nationally. Appearing on WPNR 90.7 November 17th Rich Vocals previewed three of his singles off Consent. The reviews were unbelievable and drew one of the biggest audiences Let’s Get It Poppin’ has seen.

Lets Talk, Love Life, and Discovering You will all be on Consent dropping December 17th. Which  will be released in all major stores.

Rich Vocals wants all to know.. "I've put many hours and emotions into this project. It brings forth personal experiences and third person viewpoints. Also speaks on uplifting woman and loving life as a whole. Society left us no choice but to be RICH in life.”

“I’m screaming more life”

Monday, December 11, 2017

Porcelan - Real Thing Don't Change (Official Video)

When we debuted Porcelan's new single, we never expected the impact of the soul songstress to hit the way it did. But 300 views on a debut post can't be wrong for the ballad. 

And to follow up, the song gets amazing visual treatment. Who says real R&B is dead, as Porcelan maintains the simplistic vision of finding true love while her beautiful voice tells the story.

Here's "Real Thing Don't Change" below.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Queens Get The Money As Kevz DiBiase Brings That 'Git Right' On WVMR!

After making the announcement that WVMR is the new radio home for the independent, the creative minds of the indie scene has come together to create something special for their own brands.

Today, we got another one!

WVMR has always kept the doors open for artists trying to build their brands to our growing Radio Home for the Independent!

Kevz Dibiase has involved in the entertainment business for a while now as Git Right Entertainment is not just a company but a dedication to the game. And to expand his brand, Kevz, along with radio veteran DJ Nelly, begins his broadcasting journey as he adds radio to his resume by joining WVMR!

Git Right Radio comes to WVMR in this December! Joining We Got That Radio and The Diva Report, Git Right Radio joins a colorful line up on Sundays! 

You can tune into the new Sunday show starting on December 10th at 4pm ONLY ON, the Radio Home for the Independent!

Breaking News: Ant the Rebel (DJ AO) creates his first event.

Claim the Throne, is an event that I have been planning since the beginning of my semester.  Seeing the works of Cool Chellz, DJ Mainstream, Blackout the Rebel,  and Katie Kay, it was only right for the most pettiest one to create his own event. 

Claim the Throne will occur on January 13th, in Harlem, New York at Harlem Nights. Doors will open at 7 and the showcase will start at 8. The goal of this event is to see what these independent artists have to offer since there are so many artists. It will feature 10 artists from various genres. It is not a competition, but a test to see whether some of these artists are worthy for this game we call "Music".  In addition, we will have two vendors. They will be selling some art work and apparels. It will be a night of music and fun. 

I am inviting all artists and media to come network and have fun. It is always fun when you are 
Kickin it w. DJ AO (Ant the Rebel). 

For further details, contact me:  

See ya there.