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Voiceless Music has given me the ability to open my ears to new artist every day. My frequent visited site, Sermons Domain, intrigued me to this rapper from the Midwest with this infectious single "Lay It Down", which has become a hit within my circle of friends and associates here in New York City and also has gained entry into my rotation at the parties I've DJ recently. That rapper is Ariez Onasis who, during his promo tour of his release of "The Heartbreak Kid", gave me a chance to speak with him.

DJ Mainstream: Ariez, whats up man, thanks for taking the time to do this interview

Ariez Onasis: No problem bro

Congrats on the release of The Heartbreak Kid. Sounds pretty solid from top to bottom with J. Cardim on the tracks.

Thank you

How important was it to have that chemistry in the studio with a producer? Especially when there doing your whole tape?

The chemistry was necessary. Me & Cardim have been working together for years now building our sound and its finally coming together the way we intended. The Heartbreak Kid is the foundation, we build up from here. 

And a great foundation it is, especially when it came down to my favorite track "Lay It Down" 

Yeah, thats one of my favorites as well

But to me... right now, "No Limit" stands out from that Wiz feature. How did you get him on the track?

Though some mutual friends, a while back. At the time, the potential of the song was much bigger than my buzz. So I decided to hold onto it until the right time. 

Nothing wrong with perfect timing but I'm sure after releasing it, you had some buzz for the tape to drop. Has there been any industry heavyweights, execs, or major artists, contact you since "Lay It Down" or "No Limit" came out?

The support is crazy right now. No superstars jacked my bars yet but I'm still hopeful.

That's always needed. Being hopeful and being humble.

Truthfully, it's overwhelming. When people you use to wish you could work with start respecting what you do and supporting your movement. I count my blessings daily.

Good, good. So, can we expect any videos from Heartbreak Kid or your focused on networking and promoting the mixtape itself?

Definitely, you can expect at least one more video from The Heartbreak Kid. I want to make a movie for "Lay It Down". Did you see the "Victim" short film? That kind of shit!

Ah man, "Lay It Down" definitely deserves that. Its such a on point single (that) NEEDS a movie. And if it's anything like "Victim", then your talking over 1K views easy. But besides that, and since were close to the end of 2012, do you have any big moves planned for 2013?

Yeah, take over the world!


But seriously, I have big dreams and aspirations man it's going to take a lot of hard work but I am built for that kind of shit. You can plan on me turning it up a notch. Ariez Onasis will be a house hold name in the near future. 

As long as you keep putting out music, myself & Voiceless Music got you! Thanks for taking the time to speak today. 

Without a doubt. Much love!

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