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When it came to DJing I always saw myself doing things solo. But eventually, I realized that I had visible flaws, such as trying to learn how to play Reggae/Dancehall music. For a self taught DJ, I knew I had to find a way to not only be able to play long hours of music but also not have that weakness be visible. In came my DJ partner, Clay, better known as DJ Mastermind. A avid lover of Reggae, Dancehall, and House music, Mastermind and I formed the Kings of X. Now that we've went our separate ways, he continues to push forward, not only as a DJ but also a photography, doing behind the scenes at music videos for major artist, such as Red Cafe. Me and Mastermind had a little catching up session, that turned into a interview. It happens sometimes. 

DJ Mainstream: Long time no speak, how are you man?

DJ Mastermind: Everything is great, life is a blessing right now

So what our good folks here at Voiceless Music don't know is we use to DJ together as the Kings Of X, but before that, you were a solo DJ. What made you want to DJ?

Well I grew up around the atmosphere of musicians and DJs in my family. Playing instruments and scratching records at a young age, you tend to grow up an say "I wanna learn more" or "I wanna get into that" an so I did, and it became a passion

So, it's basically in your blood to be the master of the boards

I wouldn't say blood... to me blood is like a protege, and mastering such (at) an early age. I would tend to say it was more destined for me to touch the tables. I just had to find it a little later in life!

Destiny huh? Hey, everyone has a calling in life so I don't blame you for following your path. For those out there who wanna be DJs, what would you say is the hardest thing when it comes to being on those tables?

Well I know when I was starting out, to me, it was remembering your own tables and songs. Cause I'm sure you know as a fellow DJ, when you have an idea and your cueing your song as well as trying to figure out what you wanna transition with, you tend to freeze up a bit. Then you start forgetting stuff. You gotta take a step back, you know. 

It's all about tempo, knowing your crowd and all these other intangibles to DJing... very difficult but also rewarding when done correctly. I hear you doing photography now too. How's that been so far?

New experience for me, but I am loving it. Meeting people, taking amazing pics and viewing a different vision of art, getting familiar with the camera in it's essence and slowly transitioning to film.

Now I got to ask, what's been the hardest part with going from behind the turn tables to being amongst the people taking pictures?

No hard part at all... (laughs) well maybe a little. And that's the interaction. With photography, I'm out and about interacting with you face to face, where as in DJing, I am interacting with a whole crowd through music. The set change was a slight difference with me, but i just tend to apply the same energy as if I am DJing and make it a fun experience. 

A Dj and photographer, sounds like a good combination to get yourself known in this industry. Any advice for up and coming photographers out there?

Yea! Get up and do something! Stop waiting for something to fall in your lap! The world is in constant rotation and revolving, move with it!

Preach my friend, preach. Any big events you wanna share that you are either DJing or will be taking pictures at?

On the 21st and 29th, I do have some events I am booked for, but locations are still being situated. As soon as final preparations are made with the planners, I will let everyone know all the info. You can add me on Facebook or email through my personal email or Loyalty X Entertainment's email address. 

Make sure y'all connect with Mastermind. He may be DJing the party your at our snapping pictures there so be ready! Thanks for the interview. 

Anytime, this is family right here!

Contact DJ Mastermind below:
Personal Email - cmcclintock23@yahoo.com
Loyalty X Entertainment's Email - loyaltyxentertainment@yahoo.com


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