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Its another Monday night after 11pm. I just finished watching my favorite squared circle gladiators John Cena and CM Punk entertain the masses and decided to look for the reactions to the events that have taken place on Twitter. One person I've followed, former WWE writer Dave Lagana, had posted a link to a roundtable show he's a part of called Afterbuzz TV. There I see Dave, along with familiar faces Maria Kanellis and Lillian Garcia, and this one guy who happens to be well educated in wrestling name Preston. As I watch, Lillian mentions his rap career, and that's were Google introduced me to the California rapper, Mr2TheP. One year later, I've grown to become a fan and a follower in his movement. I finally got the honored chance to interview him during his recording time for S.T.D Vol. 3 Infected.

DJ Mainstream: Mr2TheP, glad to finally have a chance to do this interview with you. You've been a busy man recently

Mr2TheP: Yeah, gotta stay busy or act busy. I've never been too much of a actor even though I rap (laughs)

Well (laughs) you don't seem very nervous or timid when your filming your vids. How did you become so natural behind the camera?

I'm not scared of public speaking or looking like an ass (laughs). Once I saw my vision come to life as far as making a song (then I can see it) come to life by making a music video. (It) was motivation and working with talented directors like Marc Wood who really saw my vision even before I did. Sometimes (he) made it look effortless.

And it does look effortless. I literally see a new video every month on YouTube. How do you balance between making videos and studio time.

I do everything spaced, I'll shoot 6 to 8 videos in like a 2 months period and do all my recording for the other 10... followed with shows. As far as finding time to create... when you look for something you (will) never find it, so I don't make time for my dream... I live, breathe, sleep this. I'm lucky if I have time to balance my personal life and family life but at the end of the day, it's all balance.

I think thats great advice to give alot of up and comers: find a balance. But it sure looks like you don't plan on slowing down any time soon. And now I see you've brought #BeachLife from trending topic to statewide brand. How did #BeachLife lifestyle start?

#BeachLife is my Taylor Gang, it's my music movement for people I meet. And tell them I rap, (but) just like everyone in the world, they pre-judge and if you only hear one song, you have the wrong impression of who I am as a human being or the legacy I wanna leave when I pass on so I feel with #BeachLife it can be the driving force toward leaving a positive impact on the world. 

Well, I have no shame to admit that I became a fan and I am a proud member of the #BeachLife movement. 

Thanks man I appreciate that.

But every leader of a movement has a beginning. When did this talent of spitting start?

I grew up entering MC battles when I was 15-19, that was my life... the underground scene... grimy hip-hop spots.

Have to hone your skills somewhere. 

Yeah, then after High School, me and my two best friends, Richard Rocka and Sleek Sheek, the two who still to this day make all my beats, mixing, and mastering. 

The Beat Mafia is what they go by now but after High School we started a group with another close friend, Wyld Wes, you might have seen him in "808 Kickdrum" and "All Out"

Our group was called TRIPILEKS, we did 9 albums, all kinds of shows. Then when Wes went solo, the boys and I started a group called A.D.D. Always Double Dippin. We put out 4 albums, (did) tons of shows and toward the end of 2010, start of 2011 I decided that if it was gonna happen for me I'd have to make the run solo. So since Feburary 2011, I've shot 40 plus music videos, 1 mixtape, 2 albums, 22 features. I've opened for Kendrick Lamar, Kreayshawn, ScHoolBoy Q, Chiddy Bang, People Under The Stairs, Big Sean, Action Bronson, Warren G, Wu Tang and recently Kid Ink... so I guess I'm not doing too bad (laughs).

Not at all... wow, what a story. Not many artist can say they've done as much as you and accomplished what you have. What's next for Mr2TheP?

What's next is to stay creating with my team and building on new projects with my circle of artist I currently fuck with. I got my 3rd solo project droppin' at the end of October, S.T.D. Vol. 3 Infected and my self titled EP Preston Zeke Gomez droppin' January 2013. Just (gonna) stay promoting Vol. 2 #GetTested, shooting music videos and getting booked wherever and whenever I can. Pushing #beachlife as a brand, lifestyle and movement.

That's what's up. I'll keep supporting you. Thanks for the interview.


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