Voiceless Corner: The Beats Of Your Labor

The music industry has to be hands down one of the most demanding forms of business in the world today. The utter process of trying to negotiate with people either it be producers, artists, photographers, and so on is very time consuming and sometimes hardly rewarding. But one group has it hard, in our opinion, the most... the producers.

The beat makers, there the maestros behind the boards, the wizards of the instrumentals and without them creating the sound for a aspiring rapper or potential singer, its just another acapella night at the Apollo. But not pay for it? Well, there lies a issue. If you think you can get anywhere with your music without paying your producer then your as misguided as Paris Hilton is behind some Tekniks. Seriously, do not hype yourself up thinking because a few people says your music is good that you should pay to get where you want to be.

As the old saying goes folks, you have to spend money to make money.