Voiceless Corner: CrazySexyCool: TLC Movie Trailer & VH1 Festival Performance

Voiceless Music is ooh on the TLC tip! When the world heard about a bio pic of the legendary TLC done on TV, a lot of mix reaction came from it. Then Drew Sidora, Keke Palmer and the controversial Lil' Mama was casted and their was even more reaction, negative and positive, but the interest peaked. Then the trailer dropped and we think the casting was spot on. More after the jump.

Check out Chilli (Palmer), T-Boz (Sidora) and Left Eye (Lil' Mama) below in the trailer to CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story coming in October. check out the original Chilli and T-Boz bring out Lil' Mama for their performance at VH1 Mixtape Festival this past Saturday.


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