Voiceless Corner: Singer Mack Wilds Grateful For Upcoming Release

Courtesy of Google

While the world is stuck on Miley Cyrus' ass (or lack thereof) on Instagram through memes and embarrassing cartoon comparison pictures, the independent artist of the world are thankful for their music.

Singer Mack Wilds, whose track "Own It" is starting to hit major radio and is bubbling on Billboard/BDS charts, Instagram the below pic of this mix tape cover art. In the picture he states:

"Wow. I can't even breathe right now... This is more than a dream come true, yo. Heart dropped when I first seen this... (sigh). I wanna thank everybody right now, but I'll wait til the thank You's to do that"

Some artist out there are truly thankful for music. Without music, and fans, they would be just another face (and voice) in the crowd. New York: A Love Story drops September 17th.