We Celebrate "Imperious Day" On Voiceless Music Radio This Thursday!

Thursday, September 24th, 2013 is Imperious Day as DJ Mainstream drops his debut non-blended tape Imperious Gang Vol. 1 making this week's episode just that special!

This week we will have 4 artist on the show, Prince Smith, Siano, Nova and Goodswag Milano!
We will discuss the mixtape, their process of each of their songs and play each one: Prince Smith's "Love Antique", Siano's "God Bless",  Nova's "Southside" and Goodswag Milano's "King Midas".

We also will have the ever controversial, Voiceless Corner, which will discuss these two lovely ladies of music Rihanna and Teyana Taylor. 

All this and more on Voiceless Music Radio this Thursday!

And to be on Voiceless Music Radio and be live in our Chelsea studios in Manhattan email us: tinyurl.com/emailvmr


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