Voiceless Corner: Bart Barker Breaks Internet & Causes Unnecessary Uproar For "Anaconda" Parody

When Nicki Minaj dropped "Anaconda" video a few weeks back, the internet proceeded to convulse on the sight of the artist large posterior (and the many others featured in the video). But anything popular always finds a way to be cover, or parodied. 

Enter Bart Barker, who takes the throne as saying he's the "King of Music Video Parodies". But all reigns to the top draw controversy. Barker, who decided remixing the hit song would into a hilarious, deadpan comedy, seemingly broke the internet as his parody video hit 900K views in less than 24 hours (it now sits at over 1.4 million) making it viral across the world.

But as all things good on the internet surface, all it takes is one person to try and ruin it. 

Enter Hannah Ongley (her Twitter is @HannahOngley, because you will need it). 

Who decided to take time out of her day to type up a 232 word, 1319 character article on how Barker's parody is "racist", that the "internet sucks" for watching it, and still advises us to watch the video since we must feel "that being racist and sexist is way more clever than rapping about butts" (the full article is here). 

To Miss Ongley, of StyleIte.com... get a life. And if jealousy is your goal here, there are plenty of places that I am sure would help with growing you badonkadok for a good price. And if you feel the same, make sure to tweet her.

From your friends at VoicelessMusic.com.

+Bart Baker