Star Qualified - Major Royalty 4 [Mixtape Review]

Star Qualified has been grinding throughout 2015 just to get to the drop of their newest mixtape, Major Royalty 4.

Off the bat, you can tell from the 1st edition until now, SQ has greatly improved on wordplay and chosen the right rhythm to fit not only their signature infectious club sound (such as on “So Bad”) to their superior female dedications (such as on “No Better”). But while fighting the typical judgments from critics that they only do‘trap music’, the 2015 Voiceless Music Awards winners switch it up with songs like “Sunshine” featuring longtime collaborator E11even and the even more braggadocios “Take It There” featuring Yung Low which takes a few unexpected shots to the independent industry.

If you have followed Star Qualified, then you would agree this is one of their more solid projects. Major Royalty 4 is available for purchase below via Bandcamp.


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