Diver$eCity & Meko Sky Joins #ThePulseOfNewYork Tomorrow On #VoicelessMusicRadio!

This week with The Pulse of New York, DJ Mastermind, DJ Mainstream and Lady Sen on Voiceless Music Radio...

Papa Z, Jon Jay and Yatta of Diver$seCity drops by the show for the first time. We found out what's going on with this supergroup for Summer '16!

Meko Sky also drops by to talk to our hosts and discuss his upcoming plans for the rest of 2016!

We also review our last Jam Session aka The Pursuit that went down this past Tuesday at Meridian 23 and discuss a little about the future of the event.

And in our Voiceless Corner, from Jay Z/Beyonce allegations, to Prince's mysterious death... it all comes down to one word: controversy. We discuss the value and possible necessity for it in our music culture

It's Episode #129: Controversy
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