SQMG (Star Qualified, Siano.T, Sativa Sensei & Motive) – Back In Town

With overall 4 nominations for the Voiceless Music Awards across 4 different categories, the SQMG crew as officially put the music game on notice: their crew is more solid than ever. With the recent addition of Yung Low, the label now stretched between 3 boroughs of New York City, it seems nothing will slow them down.

And with a possible mixtape on the way, virally being called #6ixFa#6ix, Star Qualified along with former 2-time Voiceless Music Awards winner Siano.T, Sativa Sensei and Motive, SQMG switches up in the most diverse way as they slow it down for the ladies who just wanna be in their lives but have to respect their grind. 

It’s “Back In Town” and its exclusive below.


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