The Furious Seasons - Longshot

From Peter, Paul & Mary, to Paul Simon, to the legendary Bob Dylan, folk music has always been an art of storytelling infused with a classical tone and tie in with culture and current events. But for band mates David Steinhart, Jeff Steinhart and Paul Nelson, The Furious Seasons, it’s about the stories that are personal that they want to convey with the world.

So with today’s feature, were presented with the very essence that made the folk/alternative genre such a powerhouse throughout the 70s & 80s: narration with intricate vocals. From David's pinpoint precision on his emphasis on words that would make Bob Dylan blush to guitar riffs that would make a MTV unplugged fan sway in rhythm, The Furious Seasons provide what we feel as a introduction of a impactful family drama in less than 4 minutes.

Here's to hoping we hear them on television soon, here's "Longshot". Their new project, Look West coming October 7.


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