Meko Sky - 718 & Heartaches (EP)

When Meko Sky promised a big year for 2017, you had to expect the proud Bronx, NY resident would not fall short on his declaration. But after the strong push, it is understandably hard to follow up his album, StereotypeBut today's release, a 5 track opus to a potential sophomore project, 718 & Heartaches, seems to be preparing for a lengthy stay for the boy they said who couldn't make it

This is evident in his harmonizing first single, "Ei8th After 6", which gives you a laid back ride with a smooth street light glare down the infamous Concourse. But it's the two strong tracks (singles) that stand out to assures us this project was worth the wait. 

First, the mainstream sound of "I Notice" alongside fellow Loud Boyz member Roze Croix, has bonafied star power as Roze fits comfortably in the distinct soul sound Meko Sky has built over his career. Second, is "Throne Talk" as Nico Woods & Kwoat not only deliver on some Facebook status-like quotables, but shows that Meko can continue to be very brash on very unique production. 

If you have not, download 718 & Heartaches now and hear "Throne Talk", "I Notice" and "Ei8th After 6" in rotation on WVMR now!