June Music Update on WVMR: It's Another SQMG Takeover!

We've hit our stride in 2017 as WVMR reigns supreme as the home of the unsigned and independent!

It's gonna be a hot summer as your #1 place for independent artist music prepares you for brand new music to be apart of Voiceless Music's own #VMHitList rotation on the station! Here's the top of the month update for what we've got for June... aka the SQMG takeover!

With the upcoming 2017 Voiceless Music Awards just a few short months away, it seems the 2-time Best Group is out to make a statement with new music including...

 The current banger from the Brooklyn MC of the squad, Yung Low with his new track, "Forgive Me"...

The multi-time Voiceless Music Awards winner Siano presents "Waves"...

The latest member, Sativa Sensei releases a new track with former Voiceless Music feature Ni$any with "We Stole A Ballon!"...

And finally Yung Low hooks up with Motive for their hit track "Purgatory"!

Other tracks include Royzy Rothchild & The Starkiller's collab for "Mrs. Neeto", Byrdy's new banger "Knock Knockin'", Melo's new hit "My Bitch" featuring Ju$$-B,  newcomer Antonio Ramsey's "All Night Long" and more!

Don't forget to hear these tracks throughout the day on WVMR and of course, the Live @ 2 segment at 2pm EST! And reminder, June is Pacha Nights month during our throwbacks at noon! 


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