Blackout The Rebel - Train of Thought (Album Review)

Concept albums are few and far between, especially on the independent scene. In a dominated era of mumble rap and random single releases with no follow up and substance, Queens MC Blackout The Rebel quells what's missing taking a trip on the E train from World Trade to Jamaica Center - Parsons & Archer with his follow-up to The E.N.D. in Train of Thought.

One noticeable trend is MCs have become influence through WVMR's reach since being on the station and seeing the barometer of other artists around him. And between both projects, the Darkside Radio's resident corresponded has show as such on the for-certain break out single "100" which flips the vibe greatly from what we are use to on from going from conscience to club... comfortably. 

But what sticks out from this project is what we hope can be a major follow up single, the very soulful "Motions" featuring longtime collaborator Mike Bostic which is the personified classic bringing you back to the 2000s with the vibe which is beautifully pre-cursored with a skit from Dyme of Lyve Lyfe Radio.

And what couldn't be complete but speaking on a clever, witty and creative track from a bonafide star... As Blackout gets the one and only Mickey Factz alongside his good friend Splitscreen for the very lyrically entertaining "Subway Cypher".

It's been years since the former Voiceless Music Awards nominee put out a project, but for a sophomore indie album, this is definitely how to make a comeback. Purchase it below!

Blackout The Rebel - Train of Thought (Album)


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