Saay Park - Prelude (EP Review)

What else can be said about 2017 Voiceless Music Awards newest BREAKOUT Artist of the Year? Taking his time to perfect the beat, Saay Park has catapulted to the top of the independent music food chain and seems to be hungry to remain on top. How so? With the release of his EP, Prelude.

 Off the bat, your are introduced to the mainstream -sound mental state of indie R&B's crooner as he presents the hit single, "You A Pro", and impressive and blunty-presented "NFS" with Vira & Nova November.

But with the new presentation of the genre comes more diverse and seductive, yet heart-yearning tracks. And Saay delivers, as he doesn't hesitate in serving the masses with "Don't Let Em"; a track that shines in not only with his comprehensive analogies but witty quotables that sure to make this project stand out. 

If you have not already, we encourage you to purchase Prelude... it's not too early to prepare for Valentines' Day...


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