DJ Mainstream Celebrated His 5th Year Anniversary On Radio w/ Jason Bourne & Major!

With the official return of DJ Mainstream on the radio, A Minute With Mainstream kicks off a December to remember on the airwaves alongside T.U.C. Radio's Iman Marie.

The show started with some free jewels dropped between Mainstream, Iman, and his first guest Major and manager Tno. Between determining whose loyal to a epic discussion of having the right people behind you, it was a hour worth of dropping knowledge. And of course, the debut of Major's newest hit single "Fuel".

But the focus switched to 'basquiat' himself Jason Bourne and what became a conversation between three media personalities turned to a school lesson for the up and coming. Exposing the real from the fake, the conversation was one not to miss. 

If you missed any of last night's debut, please take a listen in full below.


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